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Fasting’s effectiveness as a healthy weight loss method is highly debatable. The ProLon 5-Day Nutritional Program, also known as the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), tries to bridge the gap between eating often and rigorously fasting with a specialized meal plan that deceives your body into believing you are fasting while you are still eating.

The FMD encourages weight loss with a 5-day meal plan created by L-Nutra, a company that blends technology and nutrition. We’ll guide you through how the plan works and what you’ll eat to help you decide if FMD is the right therapy for you.

ProLon is intended to help you lose weight rapidly. The ProLon diet has been reported in major media outlets such as Forbes, TIME, and the BBC. Despite all of ProLon’s great comments, the key questions this ProLon 5-Day Nutritional Program review is interested in are whether the diet works and what to expect from their meal kits.

Before beginning a new diet, read this ProLon 5-Day Nutritional Program review to become acquainted with the firm, its services, and its dieting philosophy. You can also use it to look up frequently asked questions about the ProLon quickly.

The Story of ProLon

Although L-Nutra created, developed, and manufactured this diet, ProLon is only the brand name. L-Nutra scientists created the Fast Bar and the Nutrition for Longevity product line. Their goal is to promote a longevity-based lifestyle by providing products that help people achieve a healthy weight, and ProLon diet kits are the next step in that direction.

L-Nutra was founded in 2009. The corporation’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, despite the fact that it maintains offices all around the world. Their most recent brand, ProLon, debuted in September 2016. ProLon products are now available in 12 countries.

Professor Valter Longo, a gerontology expert and bestselling author of The Longevity Diet, is a minority owner in L-Nutra. He has presented multiple TED Talks in addition to his enormous collection of published research and writing on the issues of ageing and disease.

L-Nutra looks to be fairly fantastic on paper, however keep in mind that this is a fasting diet. Fasting diets may be a substantial shift for your body, so don’t jump into one without weighing the potential benefits against the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make, or without consulting your own medical professionals.



  1. Free delivery.
  2. Free water bottle.
  3. An easy-to-follow food plan.
  4. Many positive customer testimonials.
  5. Every meal is vegetarian and free of gluten.
  6. The meal packages are excellent and nutritious.
  7. They have a large selection so you never get tired of your meals.
  8. Results vary, following the 5-Day Fasting Nutritional Program on ProLon. However there are results.

How Does It Work

The ProLon cellular detox causes fasting in your body by following a plant-based diet for five days. The entirely plant-based diet is designed to trick your body into thinking you are fasting even though you are eating three times a day.

If used correctly, ProLon may lead users to lose weight in a way similar to that of a true fast, but because you are still eating three times each day, it is considerably safer than other techniques of fasting. Every day, you must consume the food in your daily meal kit. Dinner, lunch, and breakfast are all included.

To achieve its full potential, the ProLon programme takes a basic approach over three months. Here’s a quick rundown of the ProLon approach…

To prepare for your fast, eat more plant-based foods and avoid junk food.

  1. On Day 1’s morning, start your 5-day ProLon FMD.
  2. Observe the meal plan in your ProLon food kit.
  3. On Day 6, adhere to the meal transition strategy for even greater outcomes.
  4. At the beginning of the following two months, repeat the procedure twice more.


Although the 5-day meal kits comprise the majority of the ProLon diet regimen, it is recommended that you reduce your calorie intake and transition to a plant-based diet for a few days before beginning the diet. This helps your body adjust to a possibly substantial change.

Following your five-day ProLon fast, L-Nutra recommends that you follow a meal transition plan that progressively adds more calorie-dense, sweet foods back into your diet by ingesting trail mix made of nuts, berries, and dark chocolate. You don’t want to hop in your car and go to the nearest fast-food establishment on Day 6.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the clinical study ProLon uses to demonstrate the efficacy of their ProLon programme is based on a 5-day weekly cycle that begins at the beginning of each month for three months. This means that in order to get the best results from ProLon, you must use it three months in a row, at the beginning of each month.

The five meal packages are presented in a simple, white box. It reminds me of the contemporary simplicity of Apple. Each box has a day written on the front, making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all clearly labelled on a new box for each day, and everything is virtually ready to cook and consume. When you’re in a hurry, keep things simple!

The ProLon meal packages are small and portable, making them easy to transport to work. The meal packs are likewise inconspicuous and basic in appearance. They don’t have any evident branding and look like any other food package, so you can keep your diet a secret from the office if you don’t want to advertise it.

You may buy a single ProLon diet box or join up for a monthly subscription. If you want to subscribe, you may cancel at any time. ProLon’s meal packages also have a reasonable return policy.

How Does It Work

This FMD’s nutritious vegetarian soups, teas, and snacks are rounded up with ProLon’s own range of “L-bars” and drinks for sweetness and energy.

Despite the fact that all of the meals in the kits are gluten free and plant based, they are flavorful. Customers usually comment on how delicious their choices tasted, particularly the soups.

The following choices are available with Daily Food Kits.


Original Flavors – Vegetable, Minestrone, Quinoa, Mushroom & Tomato

New Flavors – Butternut Squash, Black Bean, Butternut with Quinoa, Spinach with White Bean, and Tomato.

Teas & Drinks

Hibiscus Tea.

Spearmint Tea.

Spearmint Lemon Tea.

L-Drink Orange.

Algal Oil Supplement.

L-Drink Tropical Berry.



Kale Crackers.

L-Bar. Nut-Based Fast Bar.

L-Bar. Choco Crisp Fast Bar.


Visit ProLon’s FAQ for a more detailed description of each product’s components and nutritional details. Although ProLon has several nut-free items, many of the meals do include nuts.

ProLon 5 Day Nutritional Program

After we’ve looked at what you’ll be eating throughout the ProLon 5-Day Nutritional Program, we’ll look at what the ProLon fast does to your body. Keep in mind that this is not a total fast, but rather a low-calorie diet.

Fasting while eating is healthy, and the ProLon Fasting Program allows you to do so. This may appear to be in conflict, but when you consider their nutritional plan, it makes a lot more sense.

According to a clinical investigation at the University of Southern California, where Valter Longo is a faculty member, the 5-day meal schedule provides nutrition but does not trick your body into thinking it is eating, so you remain fasting. You are “cheating” in a sense since you can have your cake and eat it too.

Key Benefits

By employing the FMD technique, you may feel the physical effects of a fast while still eating. The benefits of the ProLon FMD can be felt by your body in a variety of ways. There’s a risk the FMD will…

  1. Encourage a way of living centered on longevity. The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet, stimulates fat reduction over several cycles without lowering lean body mass or muscle mass.
  2. Viscosity is decreased with repeated cycles of ProLon, while lean body mass and muscular mass are preserved.
  3. After finishing the fast, actual ProLon users reported feeling more energized.
  4. After finishing their first cycle of ProLon, consumers said they had more clarity & attention.
  5. Users of ProLon report having more clarity and attention up to two weeks after taking the product.
  6. Most ProLon users who were polled claimed to have increased energy following the fast.
  7. A clinical investigation comparing the effects of a 5-day ProLon cycle performed once a month for four months to a daily heart healthy diet revealed that ProLon is more beneficial to athletes since it retains lean muscle mass.
  8. ProLon may be used by athletes without risk since it has no negative effects on muscle function.
  9. Preserves the function of lean muscle.

Drinking Coffee on the ProLon Diet?

Every day, you are permitted to have a modest amount of coffee. Even still, it is recommended that you avoid it if at all feasible. If you must drink coffee, L-Nutra experts recommend restricting your daily caffeine intake to 90 mg or less. This is equivalent to two cups of caffeinated black or green tea, an 8-ounce cup of black coffee, or up to six cups of decaffeinated coffee.

Drinking Alcohol on the ProLon Diet?

According to research, if you’re trying to lose weight in general, you should avoid consuming alcohol. L-Nutra also recommends avoiding alcohol while fasting to avoid influencing your ProLon results.

Exercising on the ProLon Diet?

This is a difficult option since you will consume fewer calories and have less energy. ProLon appears to advise against working out, but if you must exercise to finish your daily routine, they emphasize that you do so gently, such as stretching and yoga. If you feel OK after that, you can resume your regular workout regimen, but cut it back somewhat.

Who Is It For?

The majority of healthy people can do ProLon fasting, however those with health difficulties or over 70 should consult their doctor first. If you are under the age of 18, you should contact with a healthcare practitioner before commencing the ProLon diet. If you have any concerns, please read the “Safety Precautions” and “Medically Related” sections of ProLon’s FAQ page, since they cover a wide range of medical problems.

If you have any concerns about fasting, you should see your doctor before commencing the ProLon FMD. L-ProLon Nutra’s specialists also recommend consulting with your doctor before commencing the ProLon FMD if you have any health issues or are on any medications. Furthermore, women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should avoid the ProLon diet. Fasting is also not recommended if you are underweight.

Comparison - ProLon vs Dr. Kellyann

The Dr. Kellyann Cleanse & Reset diet is the most similar to the ProLon FMD since both are 5-day diet regimens with a focus on soup-based sustenance and some fasting. Most people are probably aware with Dr. Kellyann’s best-selling book, The Bone Broth Diet.

You’ll see straight away that the ideas of each group are somewhat different. ProLon is a health-focused diet that is supported by research and clinical testing and appeals to a wider audience. Dr. Kellyann’s technique, on the other hand, appears to be much more focused on body image and having a slim, appealing appearance.

“Slim and sexy,” according to Dr. Kellyann’s website. In terms of appearance and vocabulary, her show appears to be lot more tailored toward women. Her programme has pink and purple packaging and tackles themes such as cellulite, lean muscle, and hair growth. ProLon, on the other hand, uses far more neutral language and design.

Dr. Kellyann’s products appear to be significantly less health focused than those at ProLon because they do not explicitly state that they are gluten free or plant based. ProLon FMD is the best product in this regard since it is healthier for your health, the environment, and is more appetizing to individuals with diverse dietary restrictions.

The Dr. Kellyann Cleanse and Rest is a self-contained 5-day meal kit programme that requires no additional ingredient purchases. Both diets are centered on soup, but ProLon adds some substantial meals by interspersing its soups with a ProLon fast bar or snack. The Cleanse & Rest menu is limited to bone broth and smoothies, which is a far cry from the ProLon soup selection.

The Dr. Kellyann 5-day package ranges in price from $219 to $279. ProLon is less expensive, with a 5-day kit costing $187 or $179 every month with a subscription.

How Much Does It Cost?

L-staff Nutra’s research was based on a 3-month cycle of fasting and healthy eating. What effect does this have on you? To obtain the best effects from your three months of intermittent fasting, you’ll need to buy three ProLon meal kits.


Subscriptions and Prices

 There are three ways to get a ProLon food kit and start experiencing the benefits of FMD…

Subscribe & Save – $179 per month. Available as a monthly box or one box every 3 months.

Single ProLon Order $187

3-Box Bundle & Save $510


Customers may also save 15% on single box purchases or memberships by entering the coupon code HONEST15.

Although a monthly subscription provides the best savings, you may also purchase a single 5-day meal plan to test it out. Prices for the ProLon 5-Day Nutritional Program are subject to change and reflect the most recent sales as of the day this review was published.

Customer Reviews

The FMD diet has received a number of good evaluations on the ProLon website. These testimonials frequently fall into one of two categories: how satisfied consumers were with the 5-Day Fasting Nutritional Program or how much weight they were able to lose.

One client beautifully summarizes the general tone of ProLon’s highlighted assessments…

“Second time. Got easier. And the results are amazing, lost 10 pounds in 5 days and feel great”.

As part of our ProLon 5-Day Nutritional Program study, we also looked into TrustPilot to gain a more nuanced picture of how consumers feel about the brand. ProLon FMD earned a 4-star rating out of a possible 5-star rating from 1,565 reviews, which is an excellent rating.

According to one delighted customer, “For those that want to fast without the side effects of water fasting, this is a good program! It’s still difficult but it’s worth the benefits”.

TrustPilot reviews show that dieting, especially something as rigorous as a fast, is not easy. Even while the ProLon professionals make the diet as simple as possible, there’s a reason why the phrase “no pain, no gain” is still used when discussing health and wellbeing.

Forbes and Health both gave ProLon glowing recommendations. Both praised the programme and its emphasis on whole health rather than just weight loss, while noting that it isn’t for everyone.

In the vast majority of reviews and media that look into it, ProLon FMD looks to be supported as a highly effective method to jump-start a weight loss, give your body a boost, and place more attention on your health.

So, Are They Worth It

If you have difficulty creating large weight loss goals in your mind, the ProLon FMD is an ideal place to start. ProLon makes an effort to give scientific and medical proof to back up their diet. That cannot be true for other diets that are only a trend and fail to deliver on their weight loss claims.

ProLon’s staff methodically plans your diet pattern and makes no promises beyond what their clinical study says is practical. ProLon is not a difficult-to-maintain crash diet, but rather a realistic lifestyle strategy that you can incorporate into your long-term health routine on a daily basis.

The only element preventing the firm from obtaining a perfect grade in our review of the ProLon 5-Day Nutritional Program is the price. At roughly $50 every day, doing this for three months feels extremely costly. It would take 15 days and around $750 to shed 5 pounds or more from your waistline.

If you are on a limited budget, have numerous family members who want to join the programme, or wish to use the system more regularly, the ProLon diet cost may become exorbitant.

If money isn’t a problem, we realized that their programme may be a great long-term choice. Their promises are not extravagant, their approach to fasting is considerably easier to sustain than other more rigorous or traditional methods, and customers are typically satisfied with the results.

If you’re looking for a research-backed weight loss regimen, the ProLon fasting diet could be precisely what your body needs.

Special Offers & Discounts

ProLon routinely provides specials and discounts on their boxes and memberships. The whole ProLon meal kit series is now 25% down, reducing from $249 to $187 with a free bonus. This is true for all subscription options, as well as the new soup flavours. By utilizing our exclusive discount code, HONEST15, you can also save 15% on single box orders or subscriptions.

Furthermore, all orders within the United States are delivered for free.

How to Sign Up for ProLon

It’s simple to buy anything once or sign up for a monthly or annual ProLon programme. The procedure is as follows…

  1. First visit the ProLon website.
  2. Click the profile button in the top right corner of the page to create an account.
  3. Input your email address and password, then carry out the instructions.
  4. Next, just click one of the site’s orange “Order Now” links.
  5. Choose the ProLon product that best suits your requirements.
  6. Add to Cart by clicking. And to save an extra 15% on a single box or subscription, use the coupon code HONEST15.
  7. A pop-up menu with a checkout button and a request to choose your payment option will display.
  8. Once your mailing address has been entered, click the green “Continue” button. To the right, you can view a summary of your order.
  9. Place your order by entering the information for your credit card.

How to cancel your subscription

  1. Visit the ProLon website now.
  2. By clicking the profile button in the upper right corner, you may access your ProLon account.
  3. There is a toolbar to the right of the My Account Page that says Account Details.
  4. If you are currently subscribed to ProLon, click “Manage Subscriptions” and then follow the instructions to cancel.

Their shipping policy?

ProLon now ships to 17 countries in addition to the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. ProLon offers free shipping to the United States, with delivery periods ranging from 4 to 7 business days.

If ProLon is accessible in your country, there are no taxes or customs fees on your order. Simply place your order through your country’s website, which may be found on ProLon’s ‘International Orders’ page.