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New Customer Offer! Get 10% Off Your Entire Purchase

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    Checkout Our Newly Arrived Collections Starting From $18

    Checkout Our Newly Arrived Collections Starting From $18
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    Shop Our Clothing Items Starting As Low As $26

    Shop Our Clothing Items Starting As Low As $26
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    Shop Our Best Selling Items Starting From Only $5

    Shop Our Best Selling Items Starting From Only $5
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    Signup & Enjoy 10% Off Your First Order

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  • With its headquarters in London, England, Net-A-Porter is one of the top online stores for high-end clothes. It carries the most desired designer labels’ clothing, accessories, athletics, footwear, gifts, and jewelry. We’ll examine Net a Porter evaluations to assist you in deciding whether this business is worthwhile.

    The business has provided excellent apparel for people who desire to appear amazing ever since it started in June 2000. Whether you browse Net a Porter’s world of PORTER, use its shopping applications, or browse its websites, the shopping experience is smooth.

    Read on to find out more about Net a Porter and determine whether it’s what you’ve been looking for.

    The Story of Net-A-Porter

    If you’re unsure, what exactly is a Net Porter? In addition to 200 specialized beauty companies, it features over 800 of the most desirable designers, including Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Chloe, and Gucci.

    This prestigious magazine-format website gives fashion-conscious customers what they desire.

    Net a Porter, established by Natalie Massenet in London, is a division of the Italian YOOX Net-a-Porter Group, which was established on October 5, 2015, following the company’s merger with Yoox Group.

    When Natalie was looking for things online for a fashion shoot, she had the idea to launch Net a Porter.

    She started the company out of her Chelsea apartment, and with her husband’s help, she was able to raise the 1.2 million pounds needed for startup expenses. The idea behind the website was to provide visitors the option to purchase an outfit by clicking on an image of it inside a magazine format.

    In choosing its products for its monthly audience of more than 6 million, Net-A-Porter demonstrates a strong, precise awareness of what luxury is.

    The Outnet, a website for discounted apparel, was introduced by Net-A-Porter in 2009. For roughly £50 million, Natalie sold the luxury goods holding firm Richemont Net-a-Porter in 2010.

    Nevertheless, she stayed associated with the company as an investor and executive chairman up to the Net-a-Porter and Yoox Group merger, at which point she resigned.

    With additional offices in Shanghai, the firm employs more than 2,600 employees in Hong Kong, the US, the UK, and other countries. In addition to the print edition of Porter, the business also released a smartphone app and a digital version of the magazine.

    Unquestionably, Net-A-Porter is the best site to shop for lingerie, accessories, cosmetics, bags, shoes, and apparel.

    Additionally, the business promotes unrivaled customer service and offers express international shipping to more than 170 nations, including next-day delivery to the US, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, and the UK as well as same-day delivery to Manhattan, London, and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).

    In 2011, the business developed the menswear website because there wasn’t a Net a Porter for men.

    With a sizable 4.7 million Instagram followers, Net-A-Porter also provides simple returns, opulent packaging, personal shopping teams, and multilingual assistance that is available around-the-clock. To learn more about the company, keep reading our Net-A-Porter reviews.

    1. They provide simple returns.
    2. They provide global shipping.
    3. Customer service is provided 24/7 in several languages.
    4. They offer prompt delivery.
    5. They have more than 800 designer brands available.
    6. They accept a wide range of payment techniques.
    1. International orders may experience delays
    2. Clothing and shoes are not available in full range sizes
    3. Refunds take up to ten days

    For ladies and children, Net-A-Porter offers a wide selection of fashionable essentials. We’ll talk about some of their best-selling items that would look excellent in your wardrobe.

    You can find a fashionable dress on Net a Porter if you’re shopping for one. The company offers a wide range of alternatives appropriate for various situations, climates, and body shapes.

    Dresses from Net-A-Porter are fashionable and composed of high-quality materials so they are durable and pleasant to wear.

    Maxi dresses from a variety of labels, including Zimmerman, Faithful the Brand, and Chloé, are available on Net a Porter. These maxi dresses feel wonderful on the skin since they are composed of soft, breathable material that is lightweight.

    Some of the Net-A-Porter maxi dresses have scoop or v necklines, which direct attention vertically rather than horizontally and are thus flattering. These dresses may help you achieve an empire waist and lengthen your legs by pairing them with a tall belt.

    Additionally, you won’t need to worry about matching or shave your legs when you wear one of these maxi skirts. Throwing one of these dresses over your swimming suit is a terrific way to get ready for the beach because they are loose and airy.

    Maxi dresses cost between $140 to $1395 each.

    Mini dresses from Net-A-Porter allow you to express your personal style. High, intriguing hemlines on these dresses may give your outfit drama, polish, and flare. The price range for one of the small dresses on this website is between $194 and $1995.

    In addition to midi dresses, Net-A-Porter also sells a range of fashionable gowns, such as an embroidered velvet gown and an open-back satin, cut-out crepe, and strapless gown. Gowns range in price from $299 to $7690, while midi dresses are priced between $15 and $4700.

    You can’t go wrong with a decent pair of shoes as a piece of clothing. The company sells a selection of high-end sneakers that will help you stand out from the crowd.

    You may express yourself with Net a Porter Sneakers, which come in all-black, subtle, flair, and vibrant hues. The sneakers come from a variety of manufacturers, such as Nike, Gucci, Adidas, Balenciaga, and Converse.

    The sneakers on this website come in a variety of sizes and are constructed of diverse materials including imitation leather, suede, and neoprene. With its outstanding selection of sneakers, Net a Porter has you covered whether you like slip-on, mesh, or high-top wedge shoes.

    Customers adore these sneakers because they are breathable and provide your body more support, optimum comfort, and stability, according to Net a Porter reviews. Shoes from Net a Porter are priced between $110 and $1150 and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

    Kids need to look well too, which is why Net a Porter offers a section dedicated to The Throw’s contemporary childrenswear line. For children between the ages of 2 and 10, a variety of complementary cashmere outfits are available in fun hues including forest green, Klein blue, and fuchsia.

    The children’s section of Net a Porter has track trousers, cardigans, beanies, and sweaters all made of cashmere, which comes from the silky, fleecy goat underlayer.

    These fibers offer a velvety feel because of their small diameter. Your children won’t feel anything rough on their skin as a result.

    Because cashmere is eight times more insulating than regular wool, it is a great choice for insulation, making Net a Porter childrenswear perfect for keeping your young ones warm in chilly weather.

    These garments are cozy to wear in all climates, especially warm weather, because to cashmere’s high moisture content and changing insulation with humidity. Because of its breathability, this cloth aids in temperature regulation.

    Although the fibers’ exteriors are water-resistant, their inside are water-attracting. This indicates that the clothing wicks moisture like perspiration from your child’s body.

    Their children’s apparel and headgear are breathable, resistant to wrinkles, and have a natural stretch to let your kids move freely while wearing them.

    These garments are also hypoallergenic, making them perfect for children who suffer from allergies. Beanies come in a variety of colors and cost $290. While track trousers cost $590, jumpers cost $520, and cardigans cost $650.

    Blue and red flat-heeled Friulane velvet slippers with a flexible rubber sole are furthermore available on Net a Porter. For $390, you may get these slippers for your child.

    Designer tote bags from a variety of brands, like Marni, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Loewe, Fendi, Burberry, Gucci, and Chloé, are stylish and functional for every occasion on Net a Porter.

    Net a Porter tote bags are perfect for women seeking for fashionable and robust bags since they give your outfit a sense of quality and class.

    They give every outfit a beautiful touch and may be used to create a statement. The bags are crafted from premium materials including leather, canvas, textured leather, and canvas with a linen and cotton combination. Net a Porter tote bags cost somewhere from $420 to $4600.

    You may express your personality and improve your appearance by wearing jewelry and timepieces. Anyone who passes by will definitely be impressed by the selection of classic jewelry and timepieces available on Net a Porter.

    The business offers a selection of classy, exquisite rose gold timepieces. Gold watches from Net a Porter are perfect for any occasion because of their classic design and durable construction.

    The website also provides a fantastic selection of sleek stainless-steel timepieces. These timepieces are easy to maintain, corrosion-resistant, non-allergic, and long-lasting.

    Additional watch options include white gold diamond watches, stainless steel and diamond watches, and gold diamond watches. Watches range in price from $1,350 to $81,525.

    The business also sells bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in a variety of finishes, including rose gold, white gold, diamond, and emerald. Jewelry from Net a Porter is priced between $80 to $4125.

    Customer Reviews

    We looked into Net a Porter reviews and discovered that the majority of clients were pleased with the company’s high-caliber merchandise and first-rate customer support.

    On Trustpilot, a sizable portion of customers wrote favorable ratings, earning the company an overall score of 3.4/ out of 3,034 reviews. The majority of clients commended their quick delivery times and said they had an amazing purchasing experience.

    Many customers also praised the company’s assortment of clothing, jewelry, and watches for their quality and longevity. Many customers complained in their bad evaluations about delays with their foreign shipments.

    According to the good reviews that were given, the majority of buyers were satisfied with this brand and its offerings. There weren’t many negative reviews, and because there are so many positive ones, some of the poor ones may be overlooked.

    Their Shipping Policy

    International shipping is available from Net a Porter, and fast delivery is £20. Once they accept your purchase, the express delivery window is 2 to 4 business days.

    Their delivery partner, DHL, enables you to modify deliveries up until the point at which they are delivered. This implies that, owing to ODD, you may waive the signature requirement or reschedule the delivery for a later date.

    When DHL receives your order, the business will send you a message via email or SMS to let you know the date of delivery. If DHL Express On-Demand Delivery is offered in your area, this communication will also include a link to the ODD website.

    Their Return Policy

    The Net a Porter return policy enables you to test your product before deciding whether you want a refund or an exchange. Refunds can be given to the original payment method or applied to your account as shop credit.

    Because payment providers have different processing timelines, refunds can take up to ten business days to show up on your account.

    Requests for returns must be made within 28 days of receiving your product. Your purchase can be exchanged without charge, but if you live outside the EU, customs and taxes will apply. Naturally, you are free to return the item, get a shop credit refund, and purchase the replacement separately.

    If you are a non-EU consumer, sales taxes and customs fees paid through the website are not refundable. To recover these, you can work with a customs broker or get in touch with your regional customs office.

    Only unused designer goods with tags and labels remaining attached are returnable. Returns to Net a Porter that don’t adhere to corporate rules won’t be accepted, and you’ll get them sent back.

    You must return the things from the location they were delivered if you want Net a Porter to cover your return under their free returns policy and reach them on time.

    If you mail an order from another nation, customs may cause it to be delayed or result in extra fees. You can return products using any secure method, but we won’t assume responsibility for them.

    So, Are They Legit

    If you’re wondering if Net a Porter is trustworthy, read on. Yes, it is the solution. The majority of the site’s consumers are happy with their products and customer service, and the website has a solid reputation.

    Is Net a Porter Sustainable Brand?

    The 2030 sustainability plan for YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP is called Infinity, and it aims to produce long-lasting luxury fashion while advancing a more inclusive and sustainable circular fashion system that is perfect for the sector.

    What to do if an item you purchased from the site is faulty?

    Simply send an email to if you believe you have purchased a defective item, and they will check into the situation. They’ll need your order number and pictures, so provide them those. If the apparel was harmed through regular use, Net-A-Porter will not issue a refund.

    Does Net-A-Porter charge duties?

    All import taxes and fees are included in the final price because Net-A-Porter ships on a Delivery Duty Paid basis. To view the accurate market pricing, you need also choose your area because it will determine how much delivery and shipping will cost.

    Does Net-A-Porter sell used items?

    Reflaunt and Net-A-Porter have a partnership to sell your pre-owned goods. You have two options: set up a home pickup or employ a drop-off service. You don’t need to worry about the images because their crew will handle it.

    Additionally, you have a choice of payment options: bank transfer or shop credit with a 10% incentive. You organize your wardrobe and get to go shopping for new clothes!