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About Loft

Loft is a women’s apparel boutique known for offering dresses, loungewear, accessories, and shoes. Loft has been a go-to brand for women since 1996, and has been featured in renowned magazines like as AdWeek, Fashionista, and HuffPost. They have a huge 860k Instagram following and 1.8M Facebook fans, and they have been building a loyal fan base for decades.

This review will examine some of the brand’s best-selling items, as well as customer reviews, promotions, and a wide range of apparel categories and styles, to evaluate whether Loft has stood the test of time.

The Story of Loft

Loft was evolved into what it is now by the Ascena Retail Group, which specializes in a range of women’s apparel brands and is home to names like J. Crew, Lane Bryant, and Banana Republic.

If the name seems familiar, it’s probable you’re more familiar with their previous label, Ann Taylor Loft. Loft launched itself as a unique brand in 2010, offering low rates and a more modern style. But, as I’ll show you, Loft, like every other company, has had its ups and downs. As a result, you may expect certain benefits and downsides, which may be related to their marketing strategy or rebranding attempts.


  1. Gift certificates are offered.
  2. They provide outfit style advice
  3. Birthday advantage and reward.
  4. Available in petite and loft plus sizes.
  5. Across the country, there are physical stores.
  6. Currency conversion available on their website.
  7. Deeper discounts on styles are available at the Loft outlet.
  8. Various patterns and colours for various apparel categories.
  9. Loyalty program that uses a points system to calculate rewards.
  10. Optional SMS and smartphone notifications for offers and events.
  11. Promotions are available for Americans on a monthly and seasonal basis.


  1. Only Limited discounts & sales are available to overseas customers.
  2. Little response was given by their customer service, it’s only available in US.
  3. Only at checkout are you informed of any shipping limitations on the purchased goods.
  4. There is no basic shipping charge on all products. And international delivery takes between one & three weeks, depending on location.

Loft Dresses

You could look through all of the different goods and categories on their website, but I’ve opted to focus on some of the brand’s most popular clothes.

Strapless Drawstring Maxi Dress

The Strapless Drawstring Maxi Garment is an all-black garment with sensual shoulder vibes that showcases your waist. It is both comfy and feminine. This maxi was designed with hot summer days in mind and is comprised of breathable materials such as rayon and polyester.

The dress is amazing since Loft provided styling alternatives, including footwear and accessories. It’s clear that they see this as a statement piece for the summer. It’s perfect for breakfast with friends or dressed down with your favourite pair of shoes and an eco-friendly purse. The maxi dress is available in sizes XS to XL. The Strapless Drawstring Maxi Dress, which typically costs $100, is currently on sale. You may also buy it with PayPal and make four interest-free payments.

Strappy Tiered Midi Dress

Loft has definitely realized how important it is to have a basic dress that you can slip on while you’re out and about, heading to the beach or doing errands. As a result, they created the Strappy Tiered Midi Dress, which is the answer to your dilemma of deciding what to wear at the drop of a hat.

The garment fanning out better than other midi dresses with subtle layers without hanging in an unappealing fashion, which is every woman’s greatest nightmare while shopping for more casual attire. Because the top isn’t form-fitting, the lady wearing the dress on the Loft website is wearing a bandeau underneath it, but you could always pair it with any contrasting T-shirt for more support.

The midi dress comes in normal sizes S to XXL as well as tiny sizes S to L. Because the midi dress falls above the knees for a flowing impression, having a diminutive size option is ideal. Color choices include Fresh Mango (available only online) and Magenta. The Strappy Tiered Midi Dress is regularly $100, but it is now on sale for $90. You may also pay for it in four interest-free payments with PayPal.

Loft Clothing

Loft apparel comes in a variety of styles, including blouses, T-shirts, and their most well-known item, Loft sweaters. Tops have their own category all to themselves. Although the normal and small size options for Loft dresses are discussed throughout this review, there is a separate store area for plus sizes, tall, curvy, and maternity sizes. There is a diverse selection, and no lady has been left out.

To give you an idea of what Loft has to offer. So, I’ll concentrate on two of the company’s best-selling pants and one top…

Distressed Hem High Rise Straight Crop Jeans

The Distressed Hem High Rise Straight Crop Jeans are, as the name suggests, straight-cut jeans with a bit of edge. The jeans have a casual look and feel as they end just above the ankle, with a little ripped portion above the left pocket. Because of their high waist, these jeans provide a snug fit that allows you to feel comfortable no matter what you’re doing. The Distressed Hem High Rise Straight Crop Jeans are only available in two colours. Authentic dark indigo wash and Classic dark indigo wash

The brand’s wide range of size categories, which is especially noticeable when it comes to Loft jeans. To begin, there are two broad fit options: normal or curvy, which are then subdivided into four size categories: regular, petite, plus, and tall. The most common size range is 24 to 34. It regularly costs $80, but it is currently 37.5% discount. PayPal also offers four interest-free instalment payments.

Ruffle V-Back Shell

When it comes to selecting a shirt that would go with everything in your closet, simple is always best! A woven cotton shirt is appropriate for a formal supper out and is perfect for the summer. In other words, you won’t be overly concerned with adorning the top. The collar’s large yet delicate ruffles may be tucked in or worn loosely fitting for flexibility and comfort. It looks fantastic with jeans. It looks great with a pair of sunglasses and sneakers for a summer appearance in the city.

In addition to the brand’s ideas, the shirt would look excellent with cigarette pants and some shoes for a statement combination. The Ruffle V-Back Shell is available in both regular and petite sizes XXS to XXL. The top is available in three stunning hues. Irish Cream, Dark Green Kiwi, and Black.

The Ruffer V-Back Shell is regularly $55, but it is currently 40% off. You may also pay for it in four interest-free payments with PayPal.

Special Offers & Discounts

Right now, there is a short-term sale where…

  1. Get 40% discount if you place an order exceeding $125.
  2. Get 25% discount on all purchases over $100+.
  3. Get 15% discount on all purchases over $75+.

This promotion may be accessed by using the code MORE. But keep in mind, there might be some exclusions.

Where do they make their clothing?

Despite the fact that Loft was founded in the United States, the brand does not disclose where their products are created or produced.

Do these fit true to size?

Because Loft provides a wide range of categories and sizes do vary, it is recommended that you consult the sizing guide or chat with a representative before making a purchase.

Their shipping policy

Your order will typically arrive in 4 to 7 business days via standard delivery in the continental United States during the hours of Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Regular delivery is not offered to residents of Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, and they must pay an extra cost…

For orders under $99, the shipping and handling price is a flat $9.

Only orders over $99 qualify for free standard delivery. However, this requirement must be reached even after discounts and special offers have been applied. Rush shipment will incur additional fees.

Three Day Shipping – Orders placed after 3 p.m. EST (Monday through Friday, except holidays) will be sent for a flat charge of $15 and processed the next business day.

Next Day Shipping – Any orders placed after 3 p.m. EST (Monday through Friday, except holidays) will be charged a flat cost of $25 and will be delivered the next business day. Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii & P.O. Boxes are not covered.

Their return policy

With the exception of swimwear and maternity garments, you have 30 days from the order date to return an unused, undamaged item that may be returned in-store if it is defective. You must provide your original receipt with any items you intend to return.

Local inhabitants in the United States have the option of holding a quick phone conversation if they are unable to meet in person. To get started, call their customer service department at 1-888-563-8444.

Returning international orders in-store is not permitted; only mail returns are allowed. You must contact a customer support representative via Loft’s client services before completing a return, and you have 30 days from the order date to do so.