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About HelloFresh

HelloFresh is America’s leading meal package service. They provide simple recipe cards and sell the fresh ingredients needed to cook a variety of meals, making the process quick and easy.

Meal kits are a quick and easy way to cook meals that are both imaginative and properly portioned for the number of people in a home. They are far more nutrition packed than takeout or fast food, especially if you restrict your salt and added fat intake. Given these benefits, it’s no surprise that meal kits are so popular right now.

HelloFresh has 605k Instagram followers and has been sponsored by various social media stars and reality TV personalities. For four years in a row, they ranked first in USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards…

The Story of HelloFresh

HelloFresh was founded in Berlin, Germany, by Thomas Griesel, Jessica Nilsson, and Dominik Richter. Back in 2011, the company began in the most basic of ways, hand-delivering items to its initial few clients.

In 2012, as the brand’s fan base grew, the business began to prosper. That same year, it expanded its worldwide reach to include the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia. By 2014, HelloFresh was delivering around 1 million meals every month. HelloFresh now has a plethora of recipes, with something for everyone. They offer services for both individuals and families, allowing you total control over how many meals you need each week.

Customers are relieved of the responsibility of meal preparation and grocery shopping. Everything you need is accessible, including the meat and seasonings; all you have to do is follow the easy recipe directions.

Here are a few highlights regarding the firm…


Instructions are given in detail.

There is no fee to stop and pause a subscription.

Far less food waste than traditional grocery shops.

A great approach to pick up a new skill and test out different recipes.

Proportioned ingredients and recipes are delivered to your door by the service.

A range of mouthwatering dishes that take people’s lifestyle demands into account.

Flexible meal plans that may be changed to fit the needs of your household’s population.

How Does It Work

We’ll go through the brand’s meal delivery service and how it works in practice. And we’ll go through some of their proposals in depth, describing the process step by step.

Among the benefits of HelloFresh’s recipe boxes are…

Deliciousness – HelloFresh meals are repeatedly taste tested to provide the best possible supper experience.

Simplicity – They want to make your life easier, from the simple HelloFresh sign up procedure to the reliable recipe cards.

Flexibility – HelloFresh wants to work with all different kinds of homes and demanding schedules.

Less Stress – HelloFresh meals are prepared in advance and require little cleanup.

Diversity – HelloFresh offers vegetarian and calorie-conscious alternatives for particular meal preferences.

Waste – Compared to supermarket shopping, your HelloFresh box will help you produce less food waste.


You must do the following in order to begin a subscription…

  1. Select from 6 meal choices and the number of persons in your household (2 or 4) to customize your HelloFresh plan.
  2. Plan your delivery according to the quantity of recipes you want to get each week (2 to 6).
  3. Look through the menu and choose your recipes.

We noticed that you cannot buy individual items or recipes without a membership. There are no obligations, though, and you may stop or cancel your membership at any time, which is a positive.

They provide the following food options…

  1. Veggie.
  2. Quick & Easy.
  3. Family Friendly.
  4. Meat & Veggies.
  5. Fit & Wholesome.

Veggie Recipe

If you wish to forgo meat, you don’t have to limit your palate. HelloFresh Veggie recipes use farm fresh vegetables and herbs. For each item, the firm also gives detailed calorie and nutritional information.

When you invite people around for supper, divide the chopping among them. At first sight, these recipes may appear intimidating, but HelloFresh painstakingly labels each component for easy assembly. Furthermore, the bulk of these recipes may be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

HelloFresh’s vegetarian options include Zucchini and Tomato Flatbreads, Italian Garden Veggie Soup, Veggie Shepherd’s Pie, and Southwest Stuffed Zucchini Boats. Because everything comes in insulated packaging, you can be certain that everything in your delivery will remain fresh. A HelloFresh membership costs $7.99 per serving, although the price varies based on the size.

Quick & Easy Recipes

Even if all of the surrounding takeout options have been exhausted or all of the restaurants have closed, don’t give up. HelloFresh provides 20-minute dinners, low-prep meals, and easy-to-clean dishes.

You’ll save time by ordering these simple meals rather to doing your own grocery shopping and cooking. Not to mention reducing the amount of cleanup required! These meals may be useful if you have a long night of work or study ahead of you. With this HelloFresh meal choice, you may choose from delicacies like Banh-Mi-Style Beef Tacos and Harissa Chicken Bowls. You’ll appreciate the efficiency of Quick & Easy meals. Join HelloFresh for meals beginning at $7.99 per dish.

Family Friendly Recipes

HelloFresh understands that some children may dislike a salad with Brussels sprouts. As a consequence, they developed the Family Friendly meal choice, which comprises foods that the entire family would enjoy. Your child may even join in and assist you while you prepare these simple recipes for a fun culinary experience.

The Family Friendly lunch choice will appeal to families of all sizes. Set up delivery four times a week to decrease stress, or plan two special dinners on weekends. If your pans and utensils are ready, the entire procedure should take less than an hour from doorway to table.

Pork Chops & Apple Rosemary Pan Sauce, Bacon Penne Arrabiata, and Italian Sunday Supper are just a few examples of family-friendly HelloFresh recipes.

Creating a weekly food schedule for finicky family members is difficult. Subscribe to HelloFresh for meals beginning at $7.99 a serving to broaden your children’s and your own palates.

Meat & Veggies Recipes

HelloFresh’s Meat & Veggies meal choice, which contains a variety of meats and seafood as well as fresh veggies and spices, will satisfy everyone. You may even feel overwhelmed by the number of options. Given that Meat & Veggies can ensure that everyone in the family likes their meals, that’s not the worst issue to have.

Consider this. You’re binge-watching a cooking show, and everything on TV is making your mouth water. However, you lack both the passion of the TV rivals and the culinary competence of a professional chef. What a fantastic opportunity to cook your own 5-star supper with HelloFresh meal kits while doing half the labour. Salsa Verde Enchiladas, Szechuan Pork & Green Bean Stir-Fry, and Cheesy Smothered Mushroom Chicken are just a few of their delectable dishes. Begin using HelloFresh for as low as $7.99 per serving now.

Fit & Wholesome Recipes

You’ve probably heard the term “Abs are built in the kitchen.” HelloFresh’s Fit & Wholesome meal selections feature recipes that are low in carbohydrates and high in nutrients for full and healthful meals you can feel good about. It removes the uncertainty of knowing what to eat.

There’s no doubting that bread tastes delicious. Fortunately, many vegetables and legumes include complex carbohydrates. When you pick Fit & Wholesome, you may choose from a choice of Carb-Smart, Calorie-Smart, and even Mediterranean options. It is possible to feel more confident while selecting a healthier way of life. HelloFresh’s Carb/Calorie Smart dishes include Tuscan Pork-Stuffed Peppers, Saucy Pork Burrito Bowls, and Miso Chili Chicken. What works best? You may experiment with new components without having to spend more money at the grocery store on full-size goods. If you’ve ever wondered what Gochujang tastes like, get Bibimbap. Meals start at $7.99. You may put your favourite foods to the test.

Best Recipes from Hello Fresh's Menu

We have picked some of the best dishes on the internet. Check out the links below to see if anything piques your interest!

Teriyaki-Style Chicken Stir-Fry

Teriyaki-Style Chicken Stir-Fry with Sesame Broccoli and Jasmine Rice is the ultimate sweet, savory, spicy supper. This HelloFresh dish comprises cornstarch, garlic, broccoli, rice wine vinegar, sweet soy glaze, jasmine rice, miso sauce concentrate, ginger, ponzu sauce, and chicken breast strips, which are mentioned as some of their go-to takeaway favourites.

Everybody enjoys a relaxing Sunday now and again. While watching your favourite show, a huge bowl of your homemade Teriyaki style Chicken Stir-Fry will keep you comfy. Chopsticks and baggy sweatpants are optional.

This easy meal takes only 30 minutes to prepare and another 10 minutes to cook. This 710-calorie 6-step meal is suitable for everyone, novice or not.

Rapid Stir-Fried Beef

This quick stir-fried beef and broccoli is a basic go-to supper when you’ve had a hectic day but still want to eat healthy. This stir-fry comes up quickly and is sure to please your taste buds.

Among the 12 ingredients in this spicy Asian-style dish are beef sirloin strips, garlic, ginger, hoisin sauce, ketchup, sesame oil, scallions, cornstarch, Yakisoba noodles, soy sauce, broccoli, and Sriracha. The total cooking time is only 20 minutes.

This 754-calorie supper is unquestionably delicious and decadent. To make this delectable dish, all you need is a big pot, sieve, large bowl, and large pan. You’ll be pleased you have it after utilizing it.

Steak & Potatoes

Steak & Potatoes with Creamed Kale with Peppercorn Sauce is a traditional recipe that wonderfully fills the hole. The only ingredients used are sirloin steak, Yukon Gold potatoes, sour cream, beef stock concentrate, kale, shallots, and black peppercorns.

Dates may become awkward when you’re trying to make small talk for an extended period of time while waiting for your dinner to arrive. To spice up the occasion, why not prepare supper together? When Steak Met Potatoes is a simple recipe that takes only 30 minutes to prepare.

This 525-calorie meal is both delicious and nutritious. All you’ll need is a baking sheet, a large pan, and a normal pan. Practice flipping before the big night!

Shrimp & Asparagus Risotto

Shrimp and asparagus risotto with Meyer lemon and Parmesan is a comfort dish that will warm you up on the inside. When shrimp, asparagus, warm risotto, and lemon are mixed, the result is a zesty and flavorful meal. All you need is a big glass of your favourite beverage to go with it.

This dish has only eight ingredients: shrimp, asparagus, garlic, veggie stock concentrate, arborio rice, yellow onion, parmesan cheese, and Meyer lemon.

The cooking time is 45 minutes, and the difficulty rating is medium. All you need is a small pot, a zester, a large pan, a bowl, a slotted spoon, and a regular pan. This delightful meal contains 580 calories and is an excellent choice for entertaining a special visitor.

How Much Does Hello Fresh Cost

HelloFresh prices vary based on your membership. The six choices covered in this HelloFresh review are all reasonably priced. Individual meals range in price from $7.99 to $11.99 per dish.

What Customers Think

Some of the company’s website reviews are given here, as well as ratings from Consumer Affairs and Influenster, among other places. Continue reading to learn the truth about HelloFresh’s product quality, flavour, efficacy, and customer service.

On its website, HelloFresh shows Trustpilot user evaluations. On Trustpilot, the firm has 39,186 reviews and a 4/5-star rating. One client revealed…

“Overall, I do enjoy HelloFresh and their meal boxes. I have had some issues with rotten produce, which customer service has given me credit for. Their meals are tasty, but can take longer to prepare than noted on the recipe card. I do wish they had more ‘side’ options, other than roasted potatoes, which I love, but not for 3-4 days straight. I thought customer service was quick to fix my complaints.”

The brand earned 5,734 reviews on Consumer Affairs, with an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. I like the freedom of only having to buy two meals a week, but if you want more, you can, according to one subscriber in a brief remark.

On Influenster, HelloFresh has a 4.2/5 rating based on 10,133 reviews. One consumer expressed worry about the price and commented…

“The one, and, biggest thing I struggle is that the price for a vegetarian box is not worth the cost of the box, the produces and ingredients provided are amazing, but they don’t add up cost wise”.

To prevent typical issues, our HelloFresh review recommends paying close attention to the brand’s laws and restrictions.

Based on the company’s varied variety of assessments, we determined that the brand scored too well on average, with the bulk of evaluations being over 3 stars. Although there are a few negative reviews, there are much more good ones and satisfied customers.

So, Are They Worth it?

After seeing the corporate name all around, it’s natural to question if HelloFresh is genuinely worth it. We determined that the company has a nice purpose, fair ratings, and a variety of meals to assist you in getting some explanation. This HelloFresh review recommends that you subscribe to the meal kit service based on your needs rather than your actual family conditions.

If you struggle with grocery shopping and putting together well-balanced meals, we strongly recommend utilizing HelloFresh meal boxes. It’s quite easy to have the materials and cooking instructions pre-portioned for you. The majority of recipes are adjustable to basic skill levels, so you don’t need to be an expert at cooking from scratch.

HelloFresh is a terrific option for individuals who need a little more inspiration when it comes to cooking. Meal kits may also be useful if you want to eat healthy or need to limit your portion sizes. We feel it is an excellent method to examine at a somewhat comparable price point, particularly considering its risk-free choices to skip a week or cancel entirely.

Although we believe HelloFresh is valuable, we also advise you to proceed with care and ensure you are aware of how to cancel your membership. In their reviews, several buyers complained about being overcharged, being deceived by promotional advertising, and receiving items with ruined components. Having said that, we observed that HelloFresh customer service representatives responded quickly to each negative review in an attempt to make apologies.

What is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a handy meal subscription service. They provide customers easy-to-follow recipe cards and fresh ingredients so they can make attractive dinners in 30 minutes or less. These simple meal packages alleviate the stress of grocery shopping and daily meal preparation.

Is it cheaper than just grocery shopping?

HelloFresh is, in fact, 25% less expensive than supermarket and takeaway. Because of its pre-portioned components, you won’t waste money or time supermarket shopping. Ingredients are delivered from the farm to your house in less than a week.

Does it offer any nutritious options?

HelloFresh has a plethora of healthy cooking choices. The website includes full nutritional information for each recipe, which is accessible by clicking on the recipe title.

Do they offer free shipping?

No. For HelloFresh delivery, there is a shipping fee that is computed at checkout.

Do they offer international shipping?

HelloFresh serves the United States, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia.

The company employs specifically developed packaging that includes insulated liners, gel packs, and other cooling materials to keep food at the right temperature. They also change the packaging depending on the season and locale. After your goods has left the warehouse, you will get an email with details on how to trace it.

How long does the shipping take?

HelloFresh ships on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in certain regions; on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays in others. The delivery window is from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

When you check out, HelloFresh will ask you to choose a delivery date based on your location. If deliveries are not postponed, cancelled, or changed, they will occur on the same day of the week every week.

What to do, if you don't like your order?

If you are dissatisfied with your order, you must notify HelloFresh customer service within five days of receiving it. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be entitled to a partial or full reimbursement for your meal kits.

Before getting a refund or business credit, you may be required to return your dissatisfied item or, at the very least, photograph it.

What to do, if you want to cancel your subscription?

If you’re going on a trip for a few weeks or just need a break from HelloFresh, be sure to miss delivery or change your delivery address to a temporary one. Take the following steps to pause…

  1. Enter your HelloFresh account.
  2. Click on “My Menu”.
  3. To miss a delivery day, choose it and then click “Skip Week”.

It’s likely that your HelloFresh membership was a gift, or that you simply wanted some culinary ideas. In such scenario, here are seven steps to cancel your HelloFresh subscription…

  1. Enter your HelloFresh login information.
  2. Find your name, then click it.
  3. Choose “Account Settings”
  4. On the “Plan Settings” page, scroll down.
  5. Click “Cancel Plan” under the “Status” column.
  6. Observe the directions exactly.
  7. You’ll get a message confirming the cancellation.