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We’ve been spending more time at home in recent years, so making it a comfortable place is essential. Grandin Road has all of your home décor needs covered, whether you work from home, stay at home with your children, or simply like decorating. The brand has 104k Instagram followers and a page full of the prettiest home décor inspiration and ideas.

We will guide you through everything you need to know about Grandin Road in this review, including an in-depth examination of its items, customer ratings, specials, and more to help you decide if it’s what you’ve been searching for!

About Grandin Road

Grandin Road began as a Cornerstone Brands interior design catalogue, with the first issue published in 2003.

The company has only continued to create home items for anybody to enjoy, with the goal of “offering customers with long-term value in every product they purchase.” The company is all about changing your space into a relaxing retreat at the end of the day.

This brand continues to outperform its competitors due to a multitude of distinguishing characteristics. Some of their highlights are included here…


  • A diverse selection of home décor, furniture, and seasonal decorations in a variety of styles.
  • Price guarantee.
  • Their pricing is fair.
  • A one-year warranty is included.

What’s missing in your house? That perfect Persian rug with gorgeous jewel tones, a circular mango wood coffee table, or seasonal décor to help you recover from your summer decor breakup? Grandin Road provides everything you need for your home, so here are some of their best-selling items.

Halloween Haven Decorations

With Halloween approaching, what could be scarier than anticipating a trick rather than a treat? On Halloween night, an unadorned house! Grandin Road’s most popular Halloween decorations are ideal for frighteningly adorning both the interior and exterior of your home!

I. Deluxe Celestial Crystal Ball

We anticipate that the Deluxe Celestial Crystal Ball will deliver you a plethora of delectable goodies as well as terrifying Halloween videos.

Witchy hands hold this crystal ball aloft while wearing long charcoal nails and boho-chic precious metal jewelry on their hands and wrists.

The crystal, which is glass, but the appearance is important, is a clouded vivid purple that acts like a lava lamp, and the pedestal is a traditional bronze with a skull for extra spookiness. To truly create the perfect ambience, you might even play some thunder sounds.

II. Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath

The Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath will round out your porch decorations and create a welcoming atmosphere. This wreath is made out of warm orange gourds, artificial white chrysanthemums, and green cotton stalks. Who doesn’t enjoy a throwback to the past? Everything is tied together with a black and white striped ribbon that reminds us of Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Because it is 26″ in diameter and will last for years, you may reuse this fake wreath for $129 every Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Christmas Decorations

Jingle bell time is beautiful, and one of the most enjoyable components of the most delightful season of the year is decorating your home with festive decor. Grandin Road’s best-selling Christmas decorations can also make you feel cheerful in no time.

I. Be Merry Tree Tiered Server

Even if you’re not the best baker when it comes to Christmas treats and pastries, your guests will be impressed by how beautiful the Grandin Road Be Merry Tree Tiered Server is.

This three-tiered platter is a deconstructed version of the conventional tree, with crimson ornaments, a glittering gold star, and a simple golden skirt. It’s a lovely shade of forest green. This ceramic serving tree will be the main point of your space for many years.

Add this piece to your holiday décor collection for $199.

II. Illuminated Ice Skates

If you love winter as much as we do, we have the ideal décor for you! The Grandin Road Illuminated Ice Skates pay tribute to everyone’s favorite winter pleasure. Is there anything more romantic than ice skating in your hometown or near Rockefeller Center?

The sculpture appears to be formed of ice, with a frosted polyresin exterior and an inside heated by LED lights. Don’t worry, putting these faux skates near your fireplace will not cause them to melt! As a festive decoration or as a “take your boots off here” reminder at your front door.

These skates may be purchased for $169 and used as exterior Christmas décor on your front door.

III. Wall Hanging Tinsel Tree

If you’re like us and don’t have room for a Christmas tree this year due to the size of your flat, the Grandin Road Wall Hanging Tinsel Tree is here to help. This deconstructed Christmas tree is made of shining golden tinsel with wire for added shape and can be swiftly attached to your wall with adhesive strips or a nail. Dress it up with white and gold ornaments for a more classic look. Alternatively, use a lot of cheesy lighting to keep things lighter.

For $34, this would also be a nice gift for a college buddy who wants to decorate their room and get into the Christmas spirit.

Who Is Grandin Road Perfect For?

Grandin Road caters to those who enjoy interior design and home décor. Grandin Road has a vast selection for everyone, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something truly esoteric or trendier things.

Grandin Road has what you need, whether it’s mid-century modern furniture with long tapering legs, rustic wood lettering, or cool Scandinavian neutrals. It’s time to get excited about personalizing and decorating your house now that you can get everything you need in one place!

Comparison - Annie Selke vs. Grandin Road

Everyone needs home décor, and firms such as Grandin Road and Annie Selke just aim to enrich people’s lives by offering furniture and decor for pleasant homes.

While both firms were founded in the 2000s, Annie Selke’s roots can be traced back to her. It’s all about interacting with individuals who, like Grandin Road, desire to create their surroundings.

While Grandin Road sells everything you need for your home, including furniture, Annie Selke’s items are primarily about décor and the founder’s passions. These are some bohemian vintage eclectic objects that you may find at a flea market.


The price points of the two brands are comparable, with certain items being affordable and others being more costly. Although Grandin Road does not publicly announce its environmental aims, Annie Selke is passionate about ethical sourcing and manufacturing.

Grandin Road décor should arrive in 2-7 days. However, Annie Selkie items may take up to 4 weeks. Furniture, on the other hand, frequently takes longer. While GR provides a substantial 90-day return policy with a one-year warranty, the former only provides a 60-day return policy.

Grandin Road is a great place to go if you want a lot to look at because it has a wide variety of items and seasonal decor. If you like the bohemian style, check out Annie Selke for some great deals!

Their shipping policy

Do you fear putting the finishing touches on your room? Fortunately, Grandin Road items should arrive in the contiguous United States within 3 to 7 business days. Larger items that require a car usually arrive within two to three weeks.

The brand only provides domestic shipping, which might range between $10 to $300 depending on the size of your transaction. If you really can’t wait, expedited delivery starts at $20.

Their return policy

Is your order not what you expected? No problem! Grandin Road offers a 90-day return policy, although they will swap damaged items for a year after the initial purchase. Our Grandin Road review has everything you need to know about returning an item…

  1. Begin by gathering your goods and preparing them for return.
  2. Place the free return label included with your order on your box!
  3. Take your cargo to a nearby UPS or post office to get one printed if it did not come with one.
  4. Return the items through the carrier of your choosing.

Contact the company’s customer service to begin a return for a larger item. Rugs, personalized goods, and festive stuff, on the other hand, are not returnable.

Special Offers & Discounts

Grandin Road is usually a great place to find great deals! As of the time of this Grandin Road review, the discount section is currently up to 25% off, and you can also purchase décor for under $50.