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The world would be fairly monotonous if it only consisted of Walmart, McDonald’s, and Rexall. While there is much to be said for familiarity, the heart and soul of a small business are incomparable to those of these massive corporations. However, it can be difficult for these independent creator-owned firms to obtain the necessary finance, and you may face similar financial issues.

That’s where Fast Capital 360 comes in, a company that may be able to solve all of your financial problems. They are a little business that makes loans to others with exceptionally quick turnaround times. Fast Capital 360 has been trusted by over 35k+ businesses, earning rave reviews on several consumer review platforms. They also have around 600 Instagram followers and over 2,000 Facebook likes. Although the figures may be little, strength may come in small packages.

I’ll go through the company’s founding ideals, commitment to assisting small businesses, numerous plans, fees, and requirements to be eligible for their programmes, interest rates, client comments, and more.

The Story of Fast Capital 360

Barbara Weidner co-founded Fast Capital 360 in Pennsylvania in 2013 as a firm to help other entrepreneurs. Cash is required for businesses to prosper, according to the company’s website. Capital is required regardless of what you are giving. Because large corporations take all of the money, it is even more critical for small businesses. It may be difficult for small enterprises to get an edge and supply customers with customized, modest, and human things that larger corporations typically do not produce. Fast Capital 360 can assist you with this.

They hope to empower individuals and small businesses by supporting them in securing the necessary funds. They not only assist customers and lenders in making financial loans, but they also provide guidance and advice in the form of blog postings for those who are unsure which loan is best suited for them. Small businesses with creative ideas and compassionate individuals are all too often destroyed or forced to retire early owing to a lack of capital. This is not the fault of the firm or its owners.

As a result, Fast Capital 360 is a highly appealing business. They not only service small businesses, but they can also supply clients with loans in a matter of days with speedy approvals. This might be very helpful in getting firms’ ideas off the ground and into the production stage.


  1. Accessible throughout all 50 states.
  2. Quick application and funding delivery.
  3. Starting interest rates are 6.75 percent.
  4. Freedom to pick from a variety of lenders.
  5. A variety of financing options for both individuals and small enterprises.
  6. Customers may use an online guide to assist them choose the best plan for themselves.

Fast Capital 360 Loans

I’ll go through everything you need to know to get the cash you need to realize your dreams. You can apply for the company’s rapid loans after completing a simple inquiry.

The exam will ask you questions about your firm as well as yourself. This questionnaire is designed to help you select the best loan options from those provided by Fast Capital 360. Loans can be obtained in as little as 24 business hours.

The Types of Loans Offered by Fast Capital 360


Fast Capital 360’s major loan categories for short-term loans include…

  1. Short-term loans
  2. Merchant cash advances
  3. Business lines of credit
  4. Invoice factoring

And here are their long-term finance strategies…

  1. SBA loans
  2. Business term loans
  3. Equipment financing

How Does Fast Capital 360 Work

After you’ve completed the Fast Capital 360 questionnaire, assessed which loan plan is best for you, and chosen it based on your needs and qualifications, you’re ready to go. Loan interest rates normally start at 6.75 percent. However they can vary significantly depending on the kind and term of the loan. They provide loans of up to $500k or more to businesses.

The specifics of the repayment method are defined first and foremost by your plan and whether you pick a short-term or long-term plan. You may acquire a short-term loan starting at 10% APR for up to $500,000. You should get these monies within 24 hours and have three to eighteen months to repay them.

Medium-term plans can be used to borrow up to $250k, with a 7% interest rate as a starting point. Although it will take you more than a day to get the capital, you will have much more time to return it. It can be repaid over a period of one to five years. Long-term plans can provide up to $350,000 with a starting interest rate of 6.75 percent. The funding procedure takes seven days, and the repayment duration might extend up to ten years.

Features of Fast Capital 360

Fast Capital 360 is distinguished from other loan services by a few distinguishing features. To begin with, the application and financing processes are completed in record time. You could complete one of their quizzes in the time it takes to reheat a leftover pizza. I’m stating that developing a good Fast Capital 360 loan plan just takes a short period of time.

Loans are delivered almost as rapidly as Door Dash. While some plans obtain loans the same day they apply, others may take up to seven days. Customers are not forced to make a single decision by Fast Capital 360. Customers have the option of picking who they want to acquire the loan from in addition to any of the numerous programmes Fast Capital 360 offers. Customers should be confident in their selections since they have the ability to select lenders based on their integrity and reputation.

Requirements for Fast Capital 360

Different Fast Capital 360 loan kinds have different conditions. I’ve listed them all in the order that they appear on the service’s website…

Business line of credit Over 1 year in business, over $200k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 560.

Commercial mortgage Over 1 year in business, over $75k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 540.

Equipment loan Over 2 years in business, over $160k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 620.

Business term loan Over 1 year in business, over $200k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 600.

Invoice financing Over 1 year in business, over $150k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 600.

Merchant cash advance Over 4 months in business, over $100k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 500.

SBA Loan Over 2 years in business, over $50k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 650.

Short Term Business Loan Over 1 year in business, over $75k in annual business revenue, and a credit score higher than 540.


I won’t go into specific extra restrictions that are more specific to each loan choice because they differ so widely. I’ve only supplied the broadest criteria to enable a fair comparison between each of the concepts.

How Much Does It Cost

The truth is that not all Fast Capital 360 plans are similarly priced. I am unable to offer you with a clear solution since I am unsure of the amount of funds you are seeking from your loan. I can supply the starting interest rates for each type of loan in increasing order…

  1. SBA and commercial loans – 6.75%
  2. Business term and working capital loans – 7%
  3. Equipment financing and business line of credit loans – 8%
  4. Short term loans – 10%

Who Are They For

Fast Capital 360, unsurprisingly, is designed for small company owners. They do not limit their marketing to certain subcategories of small companies, despite the fact that this is their major goal. You’ll probably be pleased with what Fast Capital 360 can provide you, whether you need a loan to expand, acquire equipment, or keep your business running.

What Do Customers Think

I gathered Fast Capital’s 360 review ratings from various websites and combined them together to demonstrate the high-level service that this company provides. The following are the average Fast Capital 360 assessments from actual clients…

  1. Yelp – 5/5 stars from 1 rating
  2. TrustPilot – 4.9/5 stars from over 800 ratings
  3. Google Reviews – 4.4/5 stars from over 80 ratings
  4. Better Business Bureau – 3.6/5 stars from 3 ratings

Fast Capital 360’s services were so rapid and effective that many clients used them again and again. People said that they trusted the firm enough to return each time they needed a loan.

It is critical to understand what made the service so exceptional, since a tight customer-company relationship is always a sign of trustworthy service. Several consumers stated that Fast Capital 360 took the time to explain all of their options and help them decide which loan would best match their needs.

According to a Fast Capital 360 review with a rating of 5/5, “Jeff Lesko was a great facilitator! He navigated us through the process, paperwork, and everything else that needed to be provided. Thank you so much.

People commended Fast Capital 360 for its capacity to provide loans quickly. People were said to have obtained the requisite funds within hours after applying. Although this was not the case for every client, it was necessary to bring it up because it was mentioned in so many of their customer evaluations.

One consumer awarded them a 5-star rating for this characteristic on TrustPilot because of their consistency.

Fast Capital 360 drew a lot of small business owners because of its consistency, especially after the outbreak. As seen by the following customer feedback, the firm was able to aid clients in saving their businesses when they were most in need…

“I needed some fast funding due to the damage the corona virus [sic] did to my business. Fast Capital was able to get funds to me within 24 hours. The interest rates are extremely high, but in an emergency, the funds provided me with some short term relief.”

Some customers claimed that the interest rates were much higher than those offered by competitors. However, the fact that clients received their loans fast must be considered.

Fast Capital 360’s biggest accolades, on the other hand, were saved for their superb customer service, lightning-fast application and delivery procedures, and dependability.

Should you trust Fast Capital 360

Despite the fact that I mentioned hefty interest rates, Fast Capital 360 does not deceive its clients about them. This information is easily available on their website, so these expenses aren’t going to arise out of nowhere.

In actuality, I couldn’t find any evidence of people being caught off guard by unexpected or unannounced costs. Having said that, I am certain that Fast Capital 360 is a reliable company.

Are They Worth It

The fact is that small firms have a terrible time prospering right immediately, and it does not appear that things will improve very soon. Smaller enterprises are being left with less resources, while large corporations continue to dig deeper into politicians’ pockets to obtain further funding.

As a result, I feel Fast Capital 360 is a fantastic alternative if you need a loan swiftly and correctly. They built their business on the principle of standing up for the underdog, and it shows in their exceptional policies and unrivalled customer service.

What’s their requirement for Minimum Credit Score

This material has previously been discussed.

How quickly do they approve Business Loans?

Your request for a business loan might be accepted in as little as 24 hours. Although this is not always the case, certain business loans might take up to 36 hours to be authorized and funded.

Their Privacy Policy?

I saw that the company pledges to keep your information private and would only use it to enable transactions between you and them.