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Curateur is a one-stop shop for modern ladies, delivering superb lifestyle goods as well as unrivaled elegance for a luxurious living experience. This Curateur review includes a detailed description of the Box of Style.

About Curateur

Although Curateur was originally launched in 2020, a significant event occurred before to that date. Rachel Zoe, the forefather of today’s membership-based retail, capitalized on the fast-changing trends in women’s lifestyle and fashion. Rachel has always had unique thoughts on how fashion and people interact. Despite the fact that the two have a strong psychological connection, Rachel was able to discover the critical factor that prompted millions of women to embrace the Curateur’s cause.

The distribution of the Box of Style was tough back then. Rachel took the choice, together with her core team, to develop a business plan centered on a subscription-based cycle. Because there was no guarantee that people would understand the value of style in their lives in the absence of such a membership program, this was Curateur’s wisest move. Rachel broadened her perspective on the normal way of life by changing Curateur into a high-end Box of Style service that offers value for today’s modern lady.

Curateur Box - Box That Delivers Style

The question of what Box of Style is is frequently asked. The Box of Style was launched in 2015 with the innovative purpose of addressing women’s fashion desires. The box is a stylish assortment of the most popular things in lifestyle, fashion, and cosmetics. Rachel’s approach involves the selection of these things because purchasers generally experience nothing but disappointment when it comes to subscription boxes. As a result, picking the components for the Box of Style is a major responsibility.

Every item in the premium Curateur box that members get comes from a well-known brand. Curateur earns customer trust in this manner since they are never misled.

The Shoppe

Curateur has it if you feel like something is missing from your lifestyle, while keeping the company’s goal in mind. Because of this, Rachel keeps an eye on the current needs of a modern lady.

The Shoppe offers cheaper copies of the most popular premium brands. Rachel Zoe especially selects such branded things. The following is a list of what is offered at Shoppe…


  1. Accessories.
  2. Handbags.
  3. Jewelry.
  4. Skincare.
  5. Apparel.
  6. Beauty.
  7. Home.

Accessories - Vintage Gucci Soho Chain Tote

Gucci’s Soho chain tote is a timeless piece of fashion. Because it can hold so much, the Vintage Gucci Soho Chain Tote is a favorite among fashionistas. A little wear or scratching can be seen on the sides or bottom. However, Curateur provides such luxury items at a lower cost than retailers, so you need not be concerned.

Apparel - Valerian ParrishLA Olive

With this lovely ParrishLA turtleneck, you can embrace winter. Because of the faultless knitting that covers every square inch of this wonderful winter attire, you may make this turtleneck your go-to item of apparel. So, it seems logical to propose that you wear the Olive on a daily basis. Combine the ParrishLA Valerian turtleneck with a wonderful cardigan or other elegant outerwear for a magnificent beauty display.


Beauty - ELALUZ 24k Lip Therapy

Elaluz’s 24k Lip Therapy will make you more gorgeous and alluring! With so much to experience in life, it would be unjust to the skin if we neglected it. The hydrating components in the lip treatment package make your lips healthier and softer. You should be aware of how it feels as your face begins to show off your gorgeous lips.

This remedy is best used at night to heal your lips overnight. If not, put on your favorite lipstick before applying it. You’ll notice a difference straight away.

Jewellery - ABLE Pearl Huggie Hoops

The beautiful impact of the Pearl Huggie Hoops from ABLE will make your ear lobes look fashionable. The pearls that are incorporated highlight how elegantly these hoops are made. The excellent craftsmanship demonstrates that whomever created this must be an experienced jeweler. Nashville ladies, by the way, have done this duty. As a result, people of the community feel compelled to assist.

What Customers Think

Customer feedback was divided in this review. “The boxes are worth SO much more than you spend, and I say this honestly,” one customer said of The Zoe Report Box of Style seasonal curations. Everything about this box was fantastic, and I can’t wait for the next one to arrive! ” wrote one Influester reviewer.

A few buyers commented on how fair the pricing is for the products included. Buyers were able to obtain premium things at a reasonable price. Box of Style has a 4.5-star rating based on 44 reviews.

Other customers shared their negative experiences, most of which involved customer service. One big concern that this Box of Style review observed most often is over the cancelling procedure. A few consumers claimed that they had cancelled their membership only to find they were charged again for another seasonal box, and that orders were delayed. Curateur customer service appears to be active in attempting to handle customer issues on BBB, despite receiving a F rating with an average of 23 customer reviews.

The Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of big-name brands like Estée Lauder, Chanel, Benefit, or Marc Jacobs, this Curateur review strongly suggests this collection. Curateur’s selections of clothes, skincare, cosmetics, and home décor goods are extremely distinctive in my opinion. With this much variety, it appears that you may find a product for every aspect of daily life.

Curateur is particularly adaptive to how the beauty and fashion industry’s function, since trends change with each summer, fall, winter, and spring season. Curateur is incredibly on trend by include a box for each season, and I’m quite anxious to see what will be in the Winter Box of Style this future season.

We do advise caution due to the negative customer feedback revealed by this Curateur review. You may encounter cancellation and delivery troubles. However, if you fall in love with the things in The Shoppe at Curateur, this style box may be for you!