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About Crate & Barrel

Where the heart is, is at home. We also spend the most of our time there. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, filled with trinkets collected throughout travels and objects that make you feel good inside. The goal of Crate & Barrel’s home decor is to help you create a space where you feel comfortable and at home.

The company has attracted more than 2.4 million Instagram followers and has made cameos in the homes of several celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon. Additionally, it is clear that Crate and Barrel has built a name for itself in the interior design industry given that it was featured on the cover of New York Magazine.

To help you determine if your house could use a little updating, this review will take you on a tour of all there is to know about the business, including some highlights, product guides, user reviews, and more!


Our feelings are influenced by the sanctuary’s look. A house may be transformed into a home by using colours that make us happy, textiles and textures that grab our attention as soon as we enter the space, and photo frames of pleasant experiences.

Gordon and Carol Segal, a married couple, created Crate and Barrel in 1962 with this notion in mind. The inspiration to create objects that were both attractive and utilitarian in any location came from their Caribbean honeymoon.

In search of items from tiny European firms that they could offer directly to customers without the markup, the two crossed the globe together. While Crate and Barrel was founded on the modest passion for home décor of two American residents, the company still imports products from Europe and Asia, offering a carefully chosen selection of fabrics and handcrafted items.

The goods used to exhibit the founder’s items for sale are whence the term Crate & Barrel originated. The company continues to carry out its purpose of “helping people appreciate how they live in times that matter” while staying true to its roots and never forgetting its modest beginnings.


Now that I’ve told you a little more about the brand, let’s take a look at some highlights the brand offers…

  1. Well established company with credit, prestige and dependability.
  2. Sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturing.
  3. There are countless options for furniture and home decor.
  4. Members who use reward dollars can get money back.
  5. Customers have the option of a wedding register.
  6. Guarantees price matching.
  7. Offers shipping worldwide.

Your one-stop store for stylish and trendy furnishings is Crate & Barrel. They provide everything you might possibly need for your home’s interior, from sofas to the decorative pillows you use. To give readers a sense of the brand’s personality, this article will now go over all of the brand’s best-selling products.

Crate and Barrel Furniture

Every place needs additional storage. If not, you’ll end up shoving stuff into awkward spaces and have trouble finding anything afterwards.

The most popular cabinets from Crate & Barrel combine style and utility, making them a lovely addition to your space while also keeping all of your board games, extra tablecloths, and even your fine China.

Keenan Large Sideboard

The contents of a sideboard Basically anything, really. This item may be placed in a dining room, under a television, or at the front of your house. The abstract cut-outs and sleek black metal legs of the Crate & Barrel Keenan Large Sideboard blend into any room.

The contrast between the light and dark teak in this sideboard’s cut-outs, which seem detailed and earthy, makes it unique. To meet all of your storage needs, this three-door piece also has three adjustable shelves.

Layer this piece with some dark vases and pampas grass if you love to add texture to your decor. Then add depth by hanging a spherical, black mirror overhead. Retail price for the Keenan Large Sideboard is $2,299.

Trifecta Bar/Media Cabinet with Light

Searching for a media cabinet with some storage for bars? With the Trifecta Bar/Media Cabinet with Light, it makes perfect sense to have board games and beverages in the same area for entertaining.

The mid-century contemporary design, which is striking in any living area and has a walnut hue, combines cabinet space with a circular sliding tambour door. Additionally, it includes adjustable shelf for convenience with an inside light and Lazy Susan for a fantastic view of all your booze.

For $1,499, this warm-toned artwork gives any space form and intrigue.

Crate and Barrel Rugs

Looking to give your home some colour and a lot of warmth? Rugs add to the luxury of a space by bringing all the various furniture and decorative elements together. Let’s look at some of the most well-liked Crate & Barrel carpets to discover which one appeals to you.


Della Cotton Flat Weave Rug

A rug can frequently make or ruin a space, so it’s usually best to choose a strong decision. The Della Cotton Flat Weave Rug is exactly that, a cozy addition to your room that also adds a splash of colour.

The artwork has a very straightforward design because it is only one colour. With its dense weaving, it provides texture.

The hand-made cotton rug is incredibly durable and machine washable. Therefore, after a spill or when your dog walks over it with muddy paws, all you have to do is flip it over or throw it in the washer.

This rug is offered in five striking hues, including fiery red and turquoise, in sizes ranging from 2’x3′ to 5’x8′. It costs from $21 and $179.

Inavi Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug

The ideal outdoor rug is an essential but sometimes overlooked component of any outdoor area. The Inavi Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Crate & Barrel, which has navy blue and undertones of a soft cream tone, will help everything seem finished.

This rug has a striped blue pattern with creamy tufts, lines, and tassels, as well as a few hints of light grey and peach. Despite being manufactured from recycled water bottles, it feels as soft as cotton beneath your feet. No matter what style you’re aiming for, something a touch more bohemian, nautical, or contemporary. This rug’s depth will fit the bill.

This is the option for you if you want a doormat or a large rug to cover your patio area. The cost of the Inavi Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug ranges from $50 to $699 and comes in sizes ranging from 2’x3′ to 9’x12′.

Pink Scalloped Round Rug

What could be better in the morning than stepping upon chilly wooden floors? stepping onto a 5′ Pink Scalloped Round Rug that is plush and comfortable.

This circular rug has a sunburst pattern and is made of soft, fluffy viscose fabric with scalloped edges that resemble the form of a star. You’ll feel more at ease on the floor than on the sofa thanks to the peachy pink, which only highlights how soft the rug is.

It makes the ideal pink addition to a child’s room, or you can spread it over a bigger rug in a living area to balance out rectangular forms. Retail price for this five-foot-diameter rug is $299.

Crate and Barrel Dining Tables


A dining area is a haven where we may start the day with a warm cup of coffee in an organic porcelain mug or conclude it with supper and conversation. Equally as important as how you feel in your home is how it appears. Let’s look at some of the most well-liked Crate & Barrel dining tables with that in mind.

Tate Walnut Extendable Mid Century Dining Table

The Tate Walnut Extendable Mid Century Dining Table can help you upgrade your dining experience. Long midcentury modern legs and a sleek rectangular design with rounded edges are hallmarks of this item. Because it extends, you may keep it on the smaller side while entertaining and create room for visitors.

With some burning candlesticks, a rust-colored runner, and a few gourds on top for Thanksgiving, the walnut veneer will undoubtedly give warmth to your home. This centerpiece for the dining room costs $1,199 and seats 8–10 people.

Nero Dining Table with Matte Black Base

To give you the impression that you are eating a butter croissant in a Parisian café, it is time to finish your dining nook with a simple yet elaborate dining table. Introducing the Matte Black Base Nero Dining Table from Crate & Barrel.

A strong, glossy spherical table top and a matte black trumpet base combine elegance and sophistication with industrial design. This table is ideal for smaller parties and eating because it can seat up to four people.

Priced between $699 and $1499, this table is offered in nostalgic diner blue, stylish white or brown marble, or warm concrete in diameters of 36″ or 48″.

Crate and Barrel Sofas

All you want to do at the end of the day is unwind on a squishy couch. It’s time to replace that lumpy couch, which only gives you a painful back and a crick in your neck, with a top-selling Crate & Barrel sofa.

Wells Leather Sofa

The Crate and Barrel Wells Leather Sofa, which has a leather outside and a very soft inside, has broad, deep, and cushiony seating. This sofa is built of durable veneer and hardwood that won’t warp. The broad and sleek frame has trendy iron black legs, and it would go great with any industrial or modern design for a moodier atmosphere.

This sofa allows for any sitting position, with side cushions for a place to rest your head, and the ability to sleep horizontally or lean comfortably on the armrest. Your tush is supported by the foam and down-filled seat cushions, and your posture is kept upright by the polyester back cushions. For $2,899, this couch is offered in six various hues, including the traditional camel brown and the more distinctive olive-y forest green.

Lounge Deep Grande Bench Sofa


You’ll probably favour the light accents of the Crate and Barrel Lounge Deep Grande Bench Sofa if your taste leans a bit more toward bohemian, Scandinavian, or farmhouse.

This sofa has a more natural and straightforward appearance since it is lower to the ground. The long seat cushion offers enough room for the entire family to fit for a lovely family portrait, or you may adorn with a variety of throw pillows. On this big piece, you may spread out and unwind all by yourself or snuggle up close for a movie night with the folks you cherish the most.

With a starting price of $1,949, the Lounge Deep Grande Bench Sofa is highly adjustable, allowing you to select the bench’s depth, length, colour, and fabric.

Crate and Barrel Kids

Your child’s room doesn’t have to be a mess to be a happy place that encourages both play and learning. Best-selling children’s furniture and accessories from Crate & Barrel keep your house feeling like your home while also keeping things interesting and new to keep your child happy.

Black & Natural Thornhill Crib

It’s no secret that parents like furnishing their child’s nursery with heirloom-quality items. The Crate and Barrel Black & Natural Thornhill Crib combines aesthetics and functionality so that your kid may sleep soundly in a lovely and serene setting

This item is really contemporary and gorgeous. It is made with cane webbing on the sides with bars going down the middle so your kid can still view their surroundings and a contrasting sturdy black wood veneer. The gold cap on the mid-century legs adds a touch of vintage and gives the piece a timeless look.

Additionally, this crib is quite handy and is already put together when it is delivered, so there is no need to worry about juggling toddlers while putting it together. This bed, which costs $899 and has a weight limit of 50 lbs., is appropriate for kids 15 months and older. It can also be converted into a toddler bed for an additional $140.

Rue 12-Cube Bookcase

A bookshelf is a need for everyone with a young child, whether you have a bookworm or a toy-addict. The Rue 12-Cube Bookcase from Crate & Barrel is the ideal answer to any disorganization or messiness.

This basic shelf is made of a natural pine base with coloured shelves, allowing you to personalize it any you choose. It’s ideal for toy storage in baskets, stacking books, and teaching your child the value of organization and cleanup at the end of the day. Additionally, a very safe atmosphere is guaranteed by the rounded edges and anti-tip hardware.

For $299 to $649, you may get this straightforward and practical style in your choice of 3 to 12 compartments in your choice of deep blue, creamy white, or neutral grey. It is designed to expand with your family.

Snack Shack Playhouse

Although toys should be durable, play is supposed to be enjoyable. The Crate and Barrel Snack Shack Playhouse is a stylish update on conventional plastic and cumbersome playhouses, but it still possesses the crucial toughness.

With two sets of signage, banners, menus, and special signs, this super-fun piece can quickly change from a BBQ to a café to keep things interesting and enjoyable. This artwork will withstand all the enthusiasm that young children have because it is made of canvas, Velcro to connect the various signs, and metal poles to retain its shape.

The Snack Shack Playhouse costs $199 and is designed for kids ages 3 and above.

Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry

Hear any wedding bells? A wedding register is in your future whether you’ve recently become engaged or finally placed a ring on it! You can make a wedding register on Crate & Barrel’s website, so that’s something…

This review is here with all the info you need!

  1. Install the app first, then log in using your credentials.
  2. Make a list of things you adore.
  3. Inform visitors that they may shop your register by typing in your name.
  4. Purchases may be checked off your list in store or by phoning 888-657-4108