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A Bit About Cariuma Shoes

Your fresh new sneakers most certainly have a dark and unpleasant background. They were made with ecologically hazardous ingredients by exploited laborers. It’s a painful fact that I’ve long known, but one that I’ve determined not to forget or ignore.

As a sneakerhead, it pains me to discover that most corporations who manufacture them are ethically bankrupt. As a result, I can no longer go down the street with as clean a conscience as I used to keep my shoes. Cariuma, on the other hand, emerged just as I was about to give up my favourite thing.

Cariuma is a company that produces environmentally friendly footwear for both men and women. Its laid-back, well-made assortment, inspired by skate culture, is huge on comfort and brimming with principles I wholeheartedly endorse.

Others, it would appear, do as well. And judging by the fact that before unveiling their OCA design, this brand had a wait list of almost 34k people. Along with its 200k+ Instagram followers, its appearances in Vogue and Forbes offer some idea of its popularity.

Do you want to know more? In my Cariuma shoe review, I’ll go through all the firm has to offer.


Cariuma shoes are somewhere on the aesthetic range between minimalist, functional, and fashionable. Depending on your desired look, they provide a fantastic range of both low-priced and high-end footwear.

As I learned more about CARIUMA, I realised that the company’s core beliefs revolve around creating goods that are better for people and the environment. As a result, they designed their sneakers to be attractive, highly comfy, and well-crafted.

The company is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “Born in Rio, raised globally,” as their motto suggests. The brand’s name is a literal translation of the Portuguese phrase for “pine needle.” This is consistent with the company’s proclivity to wear its views, fundamental values, and cultural heart on its sleeve.

I appreciate that Cariuma has a lot of unbreakable ideals since they are something that the firm has a lot of. I could see that the company does practically everything it can to ensure that its items are created and delivered in an ethical way, from resource sourcing to reducing their carbon footprint to paying their employees a fair salary and providing excellent living circumstances.

Furthermore, because 20% of the Brazilian rainforest’s vegetation has been destroyed, Cariuma has declared that two trees be planted for every pair of sneakers sold.

I considered their options and feel that any of these Cariuma shoes would be appropriate for both your and my regular activities. They look like some of the most well-known canvas shoe brands and have a crisp skate shoe appearance, but they also have their own distinct edge.

The brand contains design elements, such as the green highlights seen on various shoe components, such as the tongue and sole, and a cork footbed and rubber toe add moderate appeal.

As much as I enjoy accessorizing, I am also aware of the cost of these beauties. The bulk of the low-cut Cariuma sneakers sell for far under $100, and it would be tough to find a pair for more than $139 on the internet. In comparison to other skate shoe makers who don’t have a conscience, I think it’s extremely impressive.

Here are some of the company’s benefits and downsides…


  1. A great selection of fashionable sneakers for men and women.
  2. Affordable and useful for the majority of daily tasks.
  3. For each pair purchased, two trees are planted.
  4. Transparency in their business conduct.
  5. Possesses a B Corporation certification.
  6. Made from Sustainable components.
  7. No need to break them in.
  8. Elegant and simple style.
  9. Ethically crafted.


  1. Nearly only accessible online.
  2. Their styles frequently reflect a niche of shoes that may not appeal to everyone.

How Cariuma Makes Their Sneakers

The canvas is made from organic cotton that has received the GOTS certification.

Cariuma’s tannery has received a Gold rating from the Leather Working Group.

The leather for the shoes is obtained from Brazil, Argentina, and Thailand.

Raw natural rubber is harvested from the Hevea Brasiliense tree using traditional tapping procedures.

Sugarcane EVA outsoles are a sustainable alternative to petroleum-derived polymers.

The firm ensures that none of its leather comes from areas where trees were felled for cow rearing.

Their one-of-a-kind bamboo knit is made from bamboo that has been harvested legally and is taken from the stalk rather than the plant’s base in order to protect the health of the bamboo and the soil around it.

OCA Lows

The OCA Lows are incredibly versatile shoes. I’m aware since I frequently wear them. Along with being comfortable and functional. Finding the ideal one was a challenging option because they come in such a wide range of styles.

As new models are released, you may choose from a wide range of vivid and classic colours, as well as suede, canvas, leather, fascinating designs, and more. They are extremely easy to put on and are designed with lightweight cushion technology. And they’re some of the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn. I’ve worn them on several trekking expeditions and six-hour marathons.

Because of their exceptional quality, I can tell that these shoes were manufactured with excellent design and craftsmanship. It appears that quality materials derived from natural sources make a difference; who knew? Certainly not their competition.

OCA Low shoes, which start at around $79, were a great investment for me, and they could be for you as well. Even the leather models, which retail for roughly $139, are reasonably priced.

OCA Highs

The OCA Highs are quite similar to its low-cut version and provide all of the benefits of the OCA Lows with the added ankle support of a high-top shoe. These shoes complement the skate-style trend and look great with both shorts and jeans.

With several versions to choose from, the highs’ design and material possibilities are as numerous as the lows’. It would be tough not to find at least one that you enjoy. The OCA Highs are a fantastic and affordable addition to anyone’s shoe wardrobe, with prices beginning at $98.


The IBIs are wonderful in every way. These knit shoes are made from recycled plastic and regenerative bamboo, and they make a strong statement about the diverse applications of naturally existing materials. The shoelaces are even made from recycled plastic bottles.

The fact that the sneakers look great and available in a variety of colours makes me even happier. I cannot imagine a more delightful shoe for everyday use; I can truly feel the design and materials in how light and comfortable the shoes are. All of this is for a flat cost of $98.

IBI Slip On

In my view, the Cariuma IBI Slip-On might become your new go-to comfy casual shoe. This design will be quite popular among IBI Sneaker aficionados.

These shoes, like the IBI, have a sugarcane outsole, vegan cork insole, and sustainable bamboo weaving. This lightweight shoe is built without laces, making it really easy to put on and take off…

The IBI Slip-On promises to keep you warm and stylish whether you’re out with friends, shopping at the mall, or on your feet all day!

There are eight colourful colours available, including bright yellow, green, and blue, as well as white, grey, and rose. Rose is one of my favourite flowers. The Cariuma IBI Slip-On is one of the more affordable Cariuma models, costing $98.


I appreciated how well these sneakers reflected their classification because I have a particular fondness for the look and feel of a good skate shoe.

The CATIBA Pro is the perfect modern sneaker, reflecting the timeless beauty of classics past with contrast stitching, gum soles, and an array of vibrant colours.

Even if you’re not skating in them, it’s clear that a lot of love and effort went into manufacturing them. If you skate, though, you’ll appreciate characteristics like the grippy vulcanised rubber, triple stitched flick point, and slim, very comfortable footbed.

Wide laces and elaborate design motifs show that these were crafted with care and attention. Furthermore, the emblem is featured on the side of the shoe, lending it a Rio flair.

According to CARIUMA, these skate shoes were designed to be more robust and last longer than the average sneaker.

The shoes’ strong, well-structured design appealed to me, and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of colours available.

The sneaker is also reasonably priced, with the majority of versions costing around $89 apiece. If you’re thinking of pampering yourself, this shoe is a great option.


I must note that, like the OCAs, the high-top form of the CATIBA is pretty consistent with its low top cousin.

The only significant changes are the increased ankle support and the price. A pair of the CATIBA Pro Highs costs $119.


Pantone, established in the United States, is well-known for its Pantone Matching System colour space. CARIUMA and Pantone have already collaborated to make some spectacular limited-edition shoes in specific Pantone colours.

In terms of typical shoe collaborations, I found this one to be pretty distinctive and fascinating. It’s absolutely really cool if you appreciate that type of novelty.

In compared to the fees charged by other shoe firms for sneaker partnerships, the Pantone sneakers cost between $89 and $98, a huge savings.

Catiba Pro

The Cariuma Catiba Pro is the ideal skate shoe! This low-top shoe’s comfort and durability are major objectives in its design. I appreciate the use of vegan leather or suede and eco-friendly materials, as well as the recycled plastic laces, as seen in other Cariuma shoes.

The Cariuma Catiba Pro skate shoe is great. However, it also makes an excellent daily shoe for touring the city or simply going out for a lunch with friends.

This pattern is available in a variety of basic colours, including off-white, black, grey, and rose. There are also white and black variants with tan outsoles.

The Catiba Pro is not only exceedingly trendy, but also quite affordable, starting at $89 for suede designs. The vegan leather option, on the other hand, costs $139.

The Berrics Catiba Pro in suede and vegan leather costs $120 and $139, respectively. The Catiba Pro is also available in high-top design for $119 in black, off-white, or black and white.

Customer’s Opinions

I looked for customer evaluations on and off the corporate website to acquire a fair and unbiased picture.

I discovered that the OCA Low sneaker has a rating of 4.89/5 based on over 6000 customer reviews of Cariuma shoes on the internet. Cariuma was highlighted in US Magazine, implying that they are cosier than Allbirds and Rothys. Men’s Journal termed the Cariuma sneakers “their new favourite shoes” and praised the eco-friendly design.

Cariuma has a Trustpilot rating of 3.7/5 from 43 customers. In their evaluations, several customers appreciated the Cariuma shoes for being comfy and well-fitting. One person in particular stated:

Although it took quite some time for the Customer Service Team to respond to my initial emails, they were very helpful. The return was organized… A query as to why I was charged twice for taxes resulted in the amount being refunded. The shoes themselves are well made and good quality. Overall… there was good follow up and the shoes are worth it.

Everything I read led me to believe that Cariuma is a well-known brand. For good reason, people like this company. From assisting top skaters to introducing new products. Even though it isn’t always easy sailing, it appears like Cariuma makes an effort to resolve consumer issues when given the opportunity.

Where to Get Some Cariuma Shoes


When Cariuma shoes were first released, they were exclusively available online. However, you’ll be pleased to know that they are now available at Selfridges, Farfetch, Berrics, Lane Crawford, and Level Shoes.


What good are sustainable shoes if only one country can afford them? Cariuma offers international delivery to 49 countries for every shoe they sell, which satisfied me.

Availability on Amazon

Unfortunately, Amazon does not have their footwear. But, considering that doing so would very certainly render their carbon-neutral shipping tactics null and void, I believe it may be for the best.


This firm mostly rewards purchasers by planting trees, as I’ve observed. That is a benefit I much value. Cariuma will plant one tree in the Brazilian rainforest in your honor if you sign up for their newsletter. When you buy a pair of shoes, they’ll plant two.


Their Shipping Policy

You should expect to spend between $0 and $5 per shoe with DHL Express, depending on the country and the delivery speed you choose. Most deliveries should take between 2 and 10 business days, depending on where you reside.

Cariuma also works with FedEx as a carrier, depending on where you are. In this case, I’ve observed that delivery may be expected in 3-5 business days.

Their Exchange Policy

Cariuma offers exchanges for comparable goods all around the world. This is useful if you need a different size or want a vibrant colour over a classic.

Their Return Policy

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 60 days after purchase, but the sneakers must be obviously unused, undamaged, and in their original packaging. The best way to get back depends on where you are.

Cariuma will compensate you for the original purchase price but not for shipping or taxes, as I’ve found to be the case with most other companies.

Contacting Cariuma

If you have any more questions? To contact them, use the live chat option on the company’s website or send an email to