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If there’s one thing, we can all agree on after being at home for the greater part of a year, it’s that pants are no longer required. That is pants, slacks, or even jeans that appear decent in public. Even those of us who are working from home may get away with simply a clean-looking shirt for the occasional video conference on Zoom.

Many people are uneasy wearing pants that do not mention the word “sweat” or “yoga.” That’s where Betabrand reviews come in, a trouser that promises to be a yoga pant and a work pant in one two-legged bundle.

Betabrand is a San Francisco-based apparel company that creates dresses, sweaters, and a midi skirt/Capri hybrid known as the “sassiest pant.” Customer voting and crowdsourcing are used to choose some of the designs. However, its major and unique product is pants: the Dress Pant Yoga Pants, which you may have seen in an Instagram or Facebook advertisement or two (or if not, you will now).

Best Yoga Dress Pants at Betabrands

If you don’t understand the meaning of the product from the name, the photographs accompanying the adverts will. Before the pandemic, these featured models were wearing pants with blouses and blazers straight from a Girlboss look book and performing moves you might see in a Yogalates class—a handstand here and a wheelbarrow pose there—but in a setting and attire more appropriate for a boardroom than a group fitness studio. The attire and positions haven’t changed, but the models are now in a home office rather than a business one.

Yoga pants for the workplace? We don’t believe that’s far-fetched. Especially when it comes to our most popular offering, Dress Pant Yoga Pants, consider this: a pair of ultra-comfortable yoga trousers that are also suited for the workplace!

This professional workwear can double as exercise gear, combining soft, flexible performance knit with dress-pant design, making it ideal for executing the Lunchtime Lotus and the Power Pointer, as well as other, more orthopedically sound postures. Now, what new office yoga postures are you going to try?

Shop Dress Pant Yoga Pants for $54.60 At Betabrand

Consider jeans with the same wonderful Dress Pant Yoga Pants pattern that millions of legs like! Soft and elastic for a sculpted aesthetic and an incomparably comfortable fit — yes, you can practice yoga in these — with four pockets that can easily accommodate the largest phone. We believe they’ll become your favorite jeans the moment you put them on.

Shop Straight-Leg Yoga Denim for $96 At Betabrand

The silky, stretchy Canopy Dress is your new go-to for work, weekends, and any other occasion. This sophisticated, pockets knee-length gown has a relaxed, drapey shape that never fails to flatter. And it’s soft and comfortable, owing to our incredible bamboo-blend performance fabric. As comfortable as your favorite sweater! We imagine you’ll never want to take it off, so it’s a good thing it’s naturally wrinkled odor and moisture-wicking. It’s also machine washable.

Shop Seaglass Canopy Dress for $52.80 At Betabrand

Get style and adaptability for your extra-active lifestyle while yet looking professional! The Ponte Skort blends a sporty knee-length skirt with built-in moisture-wicking shorts to keep up with your hectic workday and beyond. And with two handy on-seam pockets, you can always have the essentials close at hand, except if you’re a professional bowler.

Shop Black Ponte Skort Mini for $47.60 At Betabrand

Think of the silky smoothness of your favorite PJs in a shirt that you can wear anywhere! The 4-way-stretch Karen Wrap Top is meant to work wonderfully with your favorite Dress Pant Yoga Pants or Yoga Denim, whether you layer it under a jacket or wear it alone. Lightweight bamboo-blend fabric naturally resists odor, moisture, and wrinkles, making it easy to wear and care for. Karen Walsh-Pio, their Betababe, inspired the name!

Shop Ultraviolet Karen Wrap Top for $40.60 At Betabrand

Here’s the top that over 6,000 people requested that Betabrand manufactured! Inspired by Felicia Michelle, this limited edition combines iconic Betabrand elegance with deliciously soft crushed velvet, allowing you to smash the Christmas party circuit. (Perfect for pairing with your favorite Dress Pant Yoga Pants or Yoga Denim and a colourful face mask.) They only manufactured a little piece, so get yours while you can with Betabrand 50% off code!

Shop Midnight Velvet Felicia Top for $40.60 At Betabrand

Introducing the ideal complement to your favorite Dress Pants, Yoga Pants, or Yoga Denim! This one ticked all the boxes for Ayesha and her design team: exquisite design, flattering fit, incredible comfort, and natural performance elements galore. It’s also machine washable! The easy Tempo Tunic is made for the times, whether you’re dressed up or down.

Shop Black Tempo Tunic for $43.50 at Betabrand

Betabrand Review is here to spread love and positivity. You don’t need to worry anymore to shop for the comfiest plus-size apparel! Betabrand offers you the greatest discount on a plus-size collection so that you don’t break the bank!

The Final Word

As previously stated, the pricing is definitely on the expensive side of things compared to shopping for sports pants at Fabletics or Victoria’s Secret.

They are, however, a high-end athletic brand that combines two pant designs into one (dress pants and comfy yoga pants). When you consider how much formal pants cost, it becomes a bit easier to rationalize the purchase.

If you’re used to buying more expensive labels like Lululemon, which are approximately the same price as Betabrand, you should give them a try — you get two pairs of trousers for the price of one!