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When it came time to design my first apartment in San Diego over 10 years ago, I turned to Ballard Designs for a few items. Ballard Designs, which has been in business since the 1980s, is an excellent source for furniture, décor, and custom upholstery. I was browsing the auction for dining chairs for our new home and came across some amazing stuff. Since there is a site-wide sale, I thought I’d share my favourites with you. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, I can’t recommend the Giardino line highly enough.

What Can You Get at Ballard Designs?

If you don’t have an interior designer but want to buy magnificent home furnishings in bespoke fabrics and custom-made accent chairs, Ballard Designs is a terrific solution. By bringing your own cloth, you can get exactly what you desire. You may buy from them in person or online. I appreciate the traditional design and the opportunity to personalize it with my preferred materials. The design studio personnel will make decorative recommendations, and your customization options are nearly limitless. Furthermore, the client service is superb. Ballard Designs stores are designed with a studio concept in mind to give customers with distinctive furniture and décor as well as a quick and easy method to furnish and decorate their homes.

Furniture - Parsons Dining Room Chair

We got these chairs on sale for our brand-new dining room. They are not only cheaply priced, but they also ship quickly, which is unusual these days.

Outdoor Decor and Furniture

This lovely outdoor patio furniture is on our front patio. It reminds me of a European garden. The exquisite Giardino collection sold out earlier this year. I may need to purchase a few of Ballard’s pots for our new patio and garden because I like them as well.

Decor - Lighting

With their superior home lighting fixtures, you can create magnificent settings and bring your favourite furniture, wall art, and accessories to life. Their designer lighting assortment includes high-end floor and table lamps, pendants, chandeliers, and more.

Franklin Glass Pendant

We got a number of them because they were on sale and still are, and we hung them over the kitchen island and in the laundry room. They appear exquisite and give the space a modern but vintage touch. They are composed of thick, sleek glass and hand polished with antique brass fittings, and combine historical industrial lines with a clean contemporary edge. They also look wonderful in groups over a bar or island.

Ivy Bookshelf Light

When we moved into our new house, we decided to add some sculptural drama to our bookshelf. This Ivy Bookshelf Light is handcrafted from pure white marble and has a swan neck and an antique brass candle arm. The narrow marble base is substantial enough to serve as a bookend. The flowing arm swoops below the bookshelf level, producing a fascinating, staggered height. You may also expect exquisite variances in the natural tone and shade of the marble.

It’s presently on sale, and you can add a designer touch to this one-of-a-kind work light by choosing a favourite hue from their vast online collection.

Collapsible Snack Cups

These are the best food containers for babies and little children. Because of the handle, snacks will not spill all over the car or stroller. The best feature is that they collapsible, making them easy to store and taking up considerably less space when not in use. I like these since they have a handle and will not spill food all over your car or carpet if dropped. Although we adore stasher bags, this is best for compact and bite-sized toddler meals.

Organizational Tote Bags for Mothers

I’m occasionally asked for recommendations on decent diaper bags. I thought I had one, but it was more of a headache than anything else. Everything was either stacked or tucked away in a little, hidden pocket. So that’s what I recommend. Because I didn’t have easy access to everything I needed, I’m going to share one of my best recommendations with you today. Instead of a diaper bag, consider a tote and a set of bag organiser inserts. Although utilising a tote may look disorganised at first, I can tell you that it is significantly more convenient. You may choose between a large tote, a backpack, or a purse with pockets. Any big bag will suffice. I carry a huge bag with many sections to keep everything organised. You may now easily obtain beverages, clothing, diapers, and sunscreen. Consider this the definitive guide to tote bag organisation.

After being a mother for almost 5 years, I’ve decided that a large tote is the best “mommy bag” and that diaper bags are unnecessary. It took years to get here, and my children are now three and five years old. Yes, a lot has changed since then. Bottles, a changing mat, and other first-year needs are no longer in my luggage. If I did need them, I would just place them in my tote bag and continue utilising this strategy. Totes are extremely easy to use since they are spacious, roomy, and hold much more than a diaper bag when organised, and they are lot easier to find items when you use my organisational method. They also help you feel more like yourself because you may choose one that matches your preferences.

To organise the girls’ possessions, I temporarily used these extremely cute seersucker storage bags. These “purse pouches” served as the core of my strategy. I discovered these groundbreaking transparent pouches at the Container Store about a month ago. Although I wasn’t sure how I’d use them, I bought two sets because I felt I needed them. They are available in a number of colours and sizes, and they are easy to clean.

Purse Inserts

I tried a handful of those inserts for purse organisers, but I didn’t enjoy it as it was tough to look through. Despite the fact that purse inserts kept everything tidy, nothing was ever discovered. As a consequence, I began utilising these clear bags in letter and legal sizes for items like diapers, toys, sunscreen, and other basics. With translucent pouches, you can locate little goods immediately without having to hunt through multiple sections. The best organisational method also keeps little objects from falling to the bottom of your backpack. They’d also be useful for organising a beach bag, a vacation bag, or even a car. One is filled with little toys that I keep in the backseat of my car. It’s the best bag insert I’ve found so far.