Pitbull owners know how joyful it is to share their lives with them. Pitbulls are among the most lovable dog breeds globally despite their troubled reputation. Most people find them cute, clever, funny, and loyal companions. However, they are among the misunderstood dogs due to long-time misinformation and negative press.

Your Pitbull Might Not Be a Pitbull

Although shelters might have many dogs labeled as Pitbulls, there are much fewer real Pitbulls than you think. The term ‘Pitbull’ is wrongly used to describe a wide range of dogs with similar characteristics. However, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the only recognized pit bull breed. It is challenging to claim one true standard for Pitbulls because of varying, uncontrolled breed standards in dog registries. In the words of professionals from Pitbull tribe, most dogs commonly referred to as pit bulls often become a mix of different breeds. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate each dog instead of the breed individually.

Pitbulls Originated from England

American pit bull terriers are probably descendants of the Olde English Bull Dog. In 19th century England, people mostly used them for bull-baiting. The breed was crossbred with terriers to make smaller dogs for fighting after authorities outlawed bull-baiting. However, once the dogs travelled to the United States from England, they assumed greater responsibilities, eventually turning them into true American icons.

They Are Tenacious

Pit bulls often achieve anything they put their minds to. It is this tenacity that makes them great sporting dogs. They are agile and excel in activities that exhibit their strength and speed. Some people may find their energy and determination wilful or stubborn. However, pit bulls are great therapy dog candidates and imminently trainable due to their people-pleasing nature. While laying the foundation for good manners, obedience training is a key way to bond with your dog. Engagement and exercise are essential for pit bulls, as with all dog breeds.

Pitbulls Have Great Smiles

The pit bull mouth has been the subject of some negative press over the years. One of the most outrageous myths about pit bulls is that they have locking jaws. However, nothing anatomically special concerning Pitbull jaws compared to other dog breeds. Others may be a bad match for cats due to their high prey drive and tenacity. Recent studies have not indicated pit bulls as disproportionately dangerous. Also, dog experts agree that raising and handling your dog matters more than the breed.

They Love People

Pit bulls are considered the original “Velcro dog.” Besides always staying as close as possible to you, they love to cuddle, snuggle, crawl into your lap, and roll over for rubs. It is commonly thought that they are all aggressive towards people. However, they score highly among the least aggressive, most affectionate dogs. If you carefully observe pit bulls, you will realize that they may seem tough, but they are only aggressive about snuggling.

Pitbulls Don’t Always Like Other Dogs

Similar to most terrier-type breeds, different pit bulls have varying tolerance levels for other pets and animals in general. When bulldogs were created in England, they were trained to fight one another. Unfortunately, dog fighting still exists in the United States as an illegal pastime. However, this is not proof that every pit bull shows aggression towards other animals. It only means that training, socialization, and monitoring are vital to determine your pit bull’s tolerance levels. Although some pities prefer to be the only pet around, some love to play with other dogs.

Pitbulls Are American Icons

Especially in the early 20th century, they were revered as family dogs and as military mascots and heroes. They represented American troops in the field and on posters during the First World War. They were the perfect “spokes dogs” due to their loyalty and bravery. For instance, the most decorated dog in US military history is Sergeant Stubby. During World War I, he served in the French trenches alongside human soldiers. He was promoted to sergeant, received the purple heart, and died from old age alongside his human companion. Today, they perform various duties ranging from therapy dogs to explosive sniffing.

They Are a Positive Force in The World

Due to their intense devotion to people, high energy, love of life, and vivacity, they are among the most entertaining dog breeds around. They have an immense capacity for joy.

Their history is an excellent demonstration of their resilience and incredible spirit. Some live in good homes despite their troubled past, while some are therapy or service dogs.

If you are looking for a pet, pit bulls are some of the best companions you can find. However, you can learn a lot by connecting with other pit bull owners. It is also vital that you learn how to care for the dog’s health and well-being.