Having several cats can be an absolute blast! Not only do you get the benefit of playtime and cuddles, but your cats can entertain each other when you’re unavailable. One way to help your cats do this? With a cat tree! Kitties enjoy these because they offer plenty of room to jump, play, sleep, and gaze out over their “kingdoms”. With multiple cats, however, the kind of cat tree you need becomes a bit different.

Let’s face it, cats may enjoy cuddling together at times — only on their own terms, of course —but, overall, they aren’t fond of sharing space or items. So, how can you find the best cat tree for two cats or more that they’ll all use? You just have to find a tree that contains enough room and enough fun items for each of your pets (which, okay, sounds difficult, but we promise it’s not).

Checking reviews of cat trees to find all the essential information you need is one quick way to go about figuring out which tree will work best. But who wants to go through tons of Amazon or Chewy pages to do that? Read through our reviews of the best 10 cat trees for multiple cats right here and save time!

1. Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Want to get your cats the best overall cat tree available? Then you’ll want to go with this one! The Frisco 72-in cat tree offers your pets all the action they could want in a single location. Cats who love to play can jump around and climb to the top of the tree tower to keep an eye on things, or they can bat around the dangly toys placed near the top. Lazier cats can chill out in the two cubbies on the tree. And for all cats, there are a whopping 10 scratching posts, plus two boards included so claws can be kept sharp and neat! With so much to do, your cats will be thrilled.

  • 10 scratching posts & 2 scratching boards included
  • Multiple perches for multiple cats
  • Easy assembly
  • Some pet owners said holes for assembly didn’t line up correctly
  • Some people’s trees lasted a year or less
2. Frisco 62-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo – Best Value

The best multi-pet cat tree for the money is this tree by Frisco with its low price point but big value. Your cats will stay entertained on this tree that offers a tunnel, kitty apartment, multiple perches, dangling toy, and lots of posts at which to scratch. With all of these features, your pets can climb, jump, play, and nap to their hearts’ content. And with the faux fur covering the tree, they’ll find everything incredibly soft and cozy on paws and faces!

While assembly is required, tools are included with the tree, along with an anchoring kit.

  • Includes a tunnel for play
  • Super soft fabric covering tree
  • Pet owners praised the sturdiness of materials used

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3. The Refined Feline Lotus 69-in Microfiber Cat Tree – Premium Choice

If you want a cat tree that’s a little fancier than most, look no further than the Refined Feline Lotus tree. With its elegant, minimalist design, this tree will fit in easily with your home’s decor while still allowing your pets the room to roam, play, and lounge. The multiple perches available have comfy carpet lining them — carpet that can be removed if needed. The tree also includes a kitty condo for pets to nap the day away in that contains a cushion that can be removed for easy cleaning.  Plus, your cats will enjoy the vertical scratching board located on the side!

Assembly may take some time, but pet parents found it easy to put together overall.

  • Minimalist design
  • Removable carpet and cushion for easier cleaning
  • Extremely solid and sturdy
  • May not be the best for cats 18 lbs and up
  • Assembly tools come with, but you might also need a drill
4. Yaheetech 51-in Plush Multi-Cat Tree & Condo – Best for Kittens

If you’re the proud parent of multiple kittens (or even just more than one cat on the smaller side), they’ll love this cat tree! Tiny adventurers can climb ladders and jump in and out of the attached tunnel on this tree or scratch away at the many scratching posts designed to encourage good scratching habits. Once they’ve tired themselves out, they can take a nap in the hammock or kitty condo and enjoy sweet dreams snuggled into the plush fabric that covers this tree. Bonus? The material is resistant to tears, so it should survive just fine even if they scratch at it.

  • Includes hammock
  • Includes tunnel for fun times
  • Great for smaller cats or kittens
  • Larger cats can knock tree over trying to jump on it
  • Some people had trouble installing the hammock part
5. Armarkat 77-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo

Amarkat boasts that their products are designed by professional pet product designers, which means your pet’s every need is kept in mind when creating new items. This brand also utilizes materials that are environmentally friendly, making them non-toxic for kitties. The 77-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree is constructed of plywood, making it incredibly sturdy for jumping and playing cats. It has an overall weight capacity of 80 pounds, so the tree is suitable for several lighter cats or a handful of heavier ones. Not only can pets jump from perch to perch, but there’s also a ramp that cats can use to run up and down!

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Plywood construction adds stability
  • Plenty of scratching posts
  • Complaints of holes in wrong places making assembly difficult
  • Might have a strong odour right out of the box

Finding a cat tree that all your cats love will be easier than ever with these reviews and tips. When it comes to the best of the best, we think the Frisco 72-in Faux Fur tree offers tons of space to play. If you’re looking for quality at a lower price, then the Frisco 62-in Faux Fur tree is your best bet. Finally, for something a little different and more elegant, we love the Refined Feline Lotus Microfiber tree for its fabulous design and easy cleaning.